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YOUNG THUG : Ouch lyrics

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YOUNG THUG lyrics : "Ouch"

You keep some bull%#@! on yoâ?? mind
But Iâ??ll have you take it all
Take it all





We have all the ^!$$% kido

Push it out their mother$#&@ing mind
Make a ^!$$% drop it down
#[email protected] ^!$$% know I never slip

I pop it all the time
Let a ^!$$% politic it up
Twelve make you spill line

^!$$% know Iâ??m banging in New York
Phone by the stinky get butt now
Can you pretend?

Can you make it sound real?
^!$$% Joan riding on booth
Packing with the long grease (???)

Giddy by the wife, give a test
^!$$%, you will never get a deal
Check out how I follow all the fun

He doesnâ??t know wait out on the pill
You step in my lane,
I pass you like taxi

She love this from skylight (???)
I pop me three cough and a Charlie
We $#&@ing and right, thereâ??s no telling

Pop me one, more quessa,
Iâ??m higher than sky and the lightninâ??
But you gotta be silent

Girl, you know we in love
You keep some pushing on your mind, man
And Iâ??m gonâ?? have you take it all


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