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YOUNG SLEEPY : Milion Dollar Flow lyrics

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YOUNG SLEEPY lyrics : "Milion Dollar Flow"

$#&@ your Lexus
and $#&@ them Benzes
$#&@ flashin I'd rather roll a Honda Civic

got my cigarillo, I'm bout to split it
they say good things come to those who wait but $#&@ that i just go and get it
got a bad (*##$ naked in my kitchen

she breakin down my bud and I'm about to twist it
out here in the dirty south just tryna make a livin
I'm smokin 24/7 even while I'm spittin

..............................let me go and hit it
got that #[email protected] so wet I'ma swim in it
I'm goin slow, I'll speed it up in a minute

so roll another bleezy cause this %#@! ain't even closed to finished
reppin 40 oz and I throw it up
breakin down the grass yeah I mow it up

put it in my cigarillo roll it up
and I don't ever really feel like growin up
so I roll it and light it and then I smoke it now I'm chokin

then I pass it round the room to all my friends
gotta %#@! load of 40s and we're chuggin em down
after telin myself I would never drink again

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