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YOUNG SCOOTER : Letter 2 The Streets lyrics

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YOUNG SCOOTER lyrics : "Letter 2 The Streets"

Life cray that's how the streets is
Let me go!

Rest in peace to Doe B
That's just sad to see
I remember when he used

To get the gas from street

He was born a country-boy

[email protected]^% just like me.
Tilt blessed him with a chance
But he survived these streets.

[email protected]^%s hate everyday
That's the way the game goes.

Gotta keep some shooters with me
When I ride this show.

You not safe in the club
You know money it talks.
And for the right price

Your partner knock you out!

No new friends no new friends

Catch us no other man.
No (*##$es neither
They'll tell 'em you went for 'em bad.

New hunters old hunters
I got free that.

Slow money fast money
$#&@ it make it ...

Yeah these streets ain't safe.
I'm the one should tell you.
I'm from the street [email protected][email protected]

I know what's going on.
I mean teaching's my life
I don't see no other way.

Ride Through the town
Sitting on the back seat.

Smoking not a pile real Kelly O.G.
I'm just thinking 'bout Pimp's next court day next week.

My son asked me daddy
Why you not been asleep all week?
I'm money thinking plus

A lot of [email protected][email protected] plotting on me.

Ogb that's my [email protected][email protected] I know he watching on me.

Bmg that's my company I'mma die by that.
I put my life on the line
Gotta take that chance.

I gotta do it for the streets!
I'm the voice of the streets!

You broke you listen to me!
Rest in peace to Doe B!
R.I.P. to Ogb!

Rest in peace to every street [email protected][email protected]!

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