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YOUNG SCOOTER : I'm On My Shit lyrics

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YOUNG SCOOTER lyrics : "I'm On My Shit"

Yeah, ^!$$%!
You're on my %#@!, ^!$$%!
The streets crazy right now

Huh, what the $#&@ you gonna do?
Swat mother $#&@er?

$#&@, $#&@ the police cause the planet dirty
Loud on my whole clique %#@! got me hurting
I told? I got you ^!$$%, be call some mil

I'mma get my whole clique, I put that on my kid
My lil cousin up got a fifty? froze a pill
Plus, I'm doing this on, with no records deal

A couple years ago I was in the county's jail
Now I'm pulling on bails and..
If you're turned down, ^!$$% I could turn you up

I drop my price every day, ^!$$% I don't give a $#&@!
Every day I'm making plates? dance for lunch
The motor and the..the trunk in the front!

My momma told me son, you're gambling with your life
Leave the streets alone, %#@! ain't right!
..in the street, till I shoot 'em dice

And 7-11 ^!$$%, you could lose your life!
Yeah, ^!$$%!
You better stare at your mother $#&@ing %#@! in the street, ^!$$%

You already know you're a? ^!$$%
I'm on my mother $#&@er %#@! street right now!

The street look at me now, came a long way
From my three grands hundred to them trucks and yey!
I got so much money, I get that %#@! away

Bounces each day, you're on no paper plate
Had you talk to my lawyer, had you beat the case
That's good enough for the streets, I drop the?

I'm? numbers every day
Every ^!$$% around me is getting paid!
Free? %#@!, that ^!$$% lied

How you want your dough, ^!$$%, tanned or white?
I get them on the boat, ^!$$% over night
Red white and blue, I'm about to take flight!

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