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YOUNG SCOOTER : Colombia (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Birdman & Gucci Mane lyrics

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YOUNG SCOOTER lyrics : "Colombia (Remix) ft. Rick Ross, Birdman & Gucci Mane"

[Verse 1: Rick Ross]
I can make Cocaine
3.5 kilos on my gold chain

I just flew to Haiti
Zoe $#&@ around gave me 80
Chickens like the wing-stop

^!$$% tried to kill me but I had the thing @@#!ed
They think I know the voo-doo
How they keep showing my ghost on that channel 2

I'm having dreams and nightmares
MJ moon-walking on them white squares
I'm a boss not a kapo

#[email protected] ^!$$% time to call me el chapo
Trappin' till a hundred mill
Built a mansion for my killers out in Summer Hill

Bad (*##$es never $#&@ with yall
We $#&@ em then we drop em off in them muscle cars
Chrome wheels and them rally stripes

Third body conversations through them satellites
Lil ^!$$% got a appetite
We do em and we pray they momma have a candlelight

I can make cocaine

I just fell in love with a Cuban
I just left Colombia
Now we get em in by the metrotons

I can make cocaine
I just fell in love with a Cuban
I just left Colombia now we get em in by the metroton

[Verse 2: Birdman]
I just left Colombia

Fly, skinny tires I ain't frontin none
(*##$ they call me Birdman
Whip it from the kitchen to the curb man

Used to rob blocks on them backstreets
Dippin through them backstreets
Traveling with 10 a piece

Kingpin lifestyle
Million on the whip, hunnid mil, hunnid thou
20 million on a new home

Line tap got me hustling off of five phones
Gotta get it by all means
Put it down for my city from a triple beam


[Verse 3: Gucci Mane]
I was trapping outta granny house I broke the screen door
Rappers say they kingpins but ain't never seen dope

Whippin dope in every bowl you can't find a clean bowl
Long line full of fiends, Gucci need a green store
Wanna visit Coca-Cola come to Gucci mane store

And I ain't never told a soul I didn't need no snitch folks
R.I.P. Pimp, shouts to Bun
I just sold a metric ton

I got 99 bricks and I still won't front you one

[Verse 4: Young Scooter]

Hop up out that airplane
Me and Hector got a meeting with the rich gang
Free my ^!$$% Poo Tang, sold more dope than every rapper in the rap game

Really seen them truck loads, came a long way from them country dirt roads
I own Lil Mexico, pushing bricks from the east to the west coast
Summerime I'm charging 16, you got ugly bricks you know my re-mix look clean

Im BMG stamping everything, the streets mine and you'll never see a drought again

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