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YOUNG SCOOTER FT. WALE & GUCCI MANE lyrics : "Pass Around"

[Hook: Gucci Mane]
We just pass around drank, everybody leanin'
Pass around molly, everybody geekin'

Pass around blunts, everybody chiefin'
Pass around hoes, everybody freaky
We just pass around blunts, everybody chiefin'

Pass around drank, everybody leanin'
Pass around molly, everybody geekin'
Pass around (*##$es, everybody freaky

[Verse 1: Young Scooter]
Lil' Mexico City, we pass around plugs
Young Scooter and Big Bank, they passion' out drugs

Ridin' past the police, middle fingers up
I'm quarterback passin', only difference I'm throwin' drugs
Gucci passed me a plug, I passed his $$# to Sonny

He wanna cut me off 'cause I keep $#&@in' up the money
I pass him a lick so I get half of the money
Magic City money, Scooter passin' out hundreds

I'm passin' out pints, Free Decatur Ice
We passin' ^!$$%s hoes around, every day and night
Pass through security, no ID, I'm on the flight

Leanin' like a fool, geeked up off that dirty Sprite
[Hook: Gucci Mane]
[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]

Man, I pass around (*##$es, pass around triggers
Pass around a ^!$$% 'cause I don't $#&@ with ^!$$%s
I might pass around your sister, ol' hatin' $$# ^!$$%

These hoes passin' out Patron, I drink lean not liquor
I'm not a Ciroc boy, I'm a Double Block Boy
And it's Pimps Ahoy, not Chips Ahoy, and I'm a Block Boy

I'mma pull up to the flame in my drop top toy
Guwop pass you the highway, you don't want it with your boy
That's your girl? Now she's Georgia's most wanted with your boy

Put them goons on you, you'd think your house was haunted by your boy
Sticks and stones can't break your bones, but these sticks'll cut your $$# out
They brought the news to your baby mama and she passed out

[Verse 3: Wale]
We gon' pass around Rola, and I pass around loud

And I'm thoroughly respected, you can ask around town
Sippin' on brown, puttin' my %#@! down
Y'all ain't fly, might as well drown, y'all actors ride like an impound

Put on it, hoe, at all my shows, trained to go
All my soldiers trained to go, album and my chain is gold
You don't want it, me and Guwop cold stuntin'

Whole summer, whole town, hoe, we third in goal runnin'
I'mma pass around lean, my Houston (*##$ gon' call me
Passed her off to Andre, never gave her sharp

Not like Andre and Big Boi, but like Outkast I give her good bone
Good God, pass around gift, I'm passin' out flow, work!

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