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YOUNG RODDY : Street Pharmacist lyrics

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YOUNG RODDY lyrics : "Street Pharmacist"

But it's easy to get in trouble
Momma told me, ?stay humble!?

But what that is?

And I try to stay out of mix, but it's easy to get in trouble

I'm coming up hella quick, my momma told me, ?stay humble!?
I'm buzzing off at the streets with no molly, get on my level!
Another kid from the ghetto who you stop, I bet the?

Trapped in the belly of the beast, go on, help me!
Oh piece, I'm only trying to eat, you don't film me!
So will I make it up before them killers try to kill me?

Yo, all 'em cups trying to numb me, talking reckless on the celly
Throw away the key and lock a ^!$$% with a celly
In a cell, this is hell, man, the %#@! that never failed

Been working off my tail, check the dirt under my nails
Street pharmacist with no diploma from Yale
I'm a street general, will send me half of you to tell

That I'm almost there, hack a feeling in the air
And if you ain't had no fresh kicks, them hoes will call you square
But that was back then, when they didn't want it, now them hoes all on me

And if I get some (*##$ from.. make my tape, I would have been
Baby to cop my rolly with that big face.
I've been, baby about my.. with that template

But I'm so underground, way underground I'm hood bound
That little block in? city where you cats can find me
I shipped it off and got pace, since ? and Johnny

I shout? and ball, and where's my hobby
They shout too, but only they catch a homie!
That's wicked, stay lost state minds and can't find it

..for a lil paper they're whiling
Sickening, they're hoping? not fly like Vladi
Getting this %#@!, everybody getting in my squad dream!

Take your faith at rap or make? a bottom
I get the baddest (*##$es and get brains a bottom.
I'm pimping till I'm gone, I know that's wrong

But back then, they didn't want me, none of them hoes are uh
They're lost in this role, I hope the Lord got them, no!
They said our poster be dead a long time ago!

I can't? in that money, Geronimo
I stay tall in their #[email protected] with no problem, no!
And me no leprechaun, but searching for a pot of gold

I serve clientele like hella back adios
From ducking popping? I serve the ground for grounds, don't hit me, yo!
But as I spread my wings and stringing my halo

I'm trying to make my Anne Smith, I'm about my play-role
But for no pesos, they leave your shirts to?
So get low, and still $#&@ them A hoes,

Them ^!$$%s can't hold me, shout out the OG..
Them ^!$$%s can't guard me, shout out the..
And all this slick dicks only make me go harder

But $#&@ them, but back them, they didn't want it
Now them hoes are light!

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