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YOUNG RODDY lyrics : "Lysol Flow Reloaded"

Good Sense, Good Sense!
Life! For the ones that don't know, man

That was my mother $#&@ing first track I ever got on your dick
?my ^!$$% and dread it!
%#@!, but that's true, black man

Long, long time ago!
But the feeling is on here right
And I get back on your dick and share my thoughts

They say 16 is not enough, but I
I'mma try to make that 50, life, uh!

My terrier %#@! it don't matter
That I make it to the top with no?
All I need is some weed and some Dutch masters

To make the classic, most ^!$$%s, but no average.
Blazing like the %#@! don't calls cancer
Strap them like I'm never on camera

Ex-quest is when they got no answer to
When I get in his game I cause damage.
I chase brain with my jet life family

Them dead press is got my? sagging
I'm about to hold a game for ransom
She says she like my South style glamor

She says ^!$$%s like you should win Grammies
?she says, ?Stop backing like your daddy!?
I gotta break them bad habbits quick

Cause they ain't trying to be nothing like him!
Oh %#@!, no disrespect, my ^!$$%!
It always been love, it always gonna be love!

I guess a brother just got different visions
And what that at?
Good sense, good sense! Jet life!

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