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YOUNG RODDY lyrics : "Kyle Watson"

How much dollar
one dollar

I got you
I got you ..please stay
one dollar

One dollar
One dollar

and I finally got my dream and my palm

and I can't let go
and it class by myself when I speak I hear ..
this swag cash and go petro I'm walking like I talk in my retro

in the bed of my older cousin..and ask a ..
but now they want my %#@!
I'm tryin getting poppin playin my topic the money on my mind

and my bank and all my ..
got all my skill and my join in my grind
and like Michael Pfeifer ..I was clocking

so can a ^!$$% ball cow it's thirsty yeah bro
tryin their best
but ain't no time

it's funny how they half off and they half back and
it's funny how another ^!$$% (*##$ all in my ..
funny how I used to ..my home boy (*##$

ah but cannot live I hope they let me
walking out like ..I never..remain the same is the ..
mama told me if I wanted go get it

clearly this little ^!$$%
go business ..what that money I started ..silly
half a ^!$$%, homie give me just hope ain't

said I'm hoping I ain't speaking low so he don't hear me main
AH music say my life but it ain't no ..
riding like a one they say ..ah

maybe they do better if they ..
but they don't give a f*ck so my..to whatever
we all on the hunt get this ..

even you a buyer or a seller
a jet ^!$$% stay fly in the weather
au goodsense

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