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YOUNG RODDY : Freedom Of Speech Pt. 2 lyrics

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YOUNG RODDY lyrics : "Freedom Of Speech Pt. 2"

Hard as hell sometimes life is
Imagine rolling dirty with suspended life sentence
Not in a million years you see a style like this

So he afloat like this
It took a long time, a long time, I'm talking years
A lot of blood, sweat in here

A lot of tattooed tears
Saw ^!$$%s get rich with their pager on their hip
Spend my whole allowance going half on the zip

Half on the zip and the rest went on kicks
I'm like who fresher than my click
This %#@! reminded me of big, I write my name on her tits

I spit my verse of wisdom to make spitting clips
I'm tryina make an honest living but it's hard for a pimp
So I'm higher than a blimp, higher than a space ship

And ain't life a (*##$, it even $#&@ed my best friend
Leave a crack in that door, let all my hood ^!$$%s in
In the next cell I twist this for my dogs who got killed

When we only try to chill they destroy, we rebuild
They ill enough and on pills and I still ain't get my deal
Been working hard as a (*##$, fool, taking care of my kids

You cop yourself some wheels, let them hoes be all in your heel
And even when she with a man, she still lot in my grill
She ratchet for real, mad thirsty for real

And I ain't tryina judge, love, I just say what's real
And I'm still tryina stack them dollar bills
The only young boy with a grown woman

%#@!, the only young ^!$$% against some grown money
I had that paper so long, get turned dusty
I been getting bread, ain't no fronting

At age 13 I got my first piece of cuddy
We ran throat deep and my home boy Cutless
And with 520 you can buy yourself a cutter

That's only in the gutter
Got a wicked jump, shot a pump that buttered, ^!$$%

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