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YOUNG RODDY : Feel Me lyrics

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YOUNG RODDY lyrics : "Feel Me"

Good Sense, Good Sense!
Feel me?
%#@!! They say all good things must come to an end

%#@!! So there you have it, man! Good Sense 2!
And if you ask me what I stand for, who I speak for, man
I speak for the low class,

The people who ain't never had much
The people who ain't never had %#@!
Right! Feel me!

I see you, pretty bird in a cage
Do you fly high in the sky?

I know you're caged
And I see you pretty bird in a cage!
You say you don't understand when it's quite normal

For one of your elegant breeding to be chosen to slay for human eyes!
Pretty bird, don't you see
That if only you were ordinary you too could be free!

Pretty bird, fly to your freedom now!
Uh, pretty bird, fly to your freedom now!

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