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YOUNG RODDIE : Suna Or Lata lyrics

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YOUNG RODDIE lyrics : "Suna Or Lata"


Wherever u are baby

It's gon' be hot
Do it again?

U want me to...
Do it again?
Let's go

[Verse 1]

Mirror, look, worst that I've ever seen
$#&@ the mood that is singin all the evergreens
Turn this %#@! up now, act simply mean

Freak out on this joint like u're mr bean
Cause u're the girl of a mans dream
Make me wanna be in debt just to pay it back

And I'd pay it back well, first I run up on the score then I'm gon' tell ya
I usually come by myself when it's loud in the club and u can't cry for help
Checking u hard, get a hold of ur waist but not dragging you, touching you soft

Perceive when my fingers on ur belly
Writing on ur stomach the word u read chevy they say
I'm sex as Kelly, dirrty as nelly

When I pop the cherries on the way to the telly


I ain't womanizing
But I'm hot I can't deny it

Seeing u is appetizing
Believe me when I say
I'll $#&@ u suna or lata

Suna or lata
Suna or lata
Suna or lata


I'ma get behind ya
Just move, shake
I'ma get behind ya

Shake and move, I like it

[Verse 2]

Now u're at the bar getting some'n to drink
U ain't with a man that's what dawgs do think

And I know that u know who "nah" and who "the %#@!"
Come back with a milkshake aybody wanna sip
Smooth on 'em hips, groove got your tits shaking

U won't uncover til your heart is wild palpitating
The thrill, action, u're hesitating
The more u ask yourself, the more they ask u

(You) hey ma what it do?
(You, You) I wanna get wit u boo
(You, You) shawty what, u so cruel?

See I know where the shoe pinches
Reason I backed off before a few inches
Laid back's the %#@! a true feeling

As I catch your sparkling eyes
And they glare and testify

[Chorus] x 2


Yea, are u ready?

I'ma get behind ya
Suna or lata
I'ma get behind ya

Move, shake, yea
Let me get behind ya
Feel it, uh, n shake

Suna or lata
I'ma get behind ya
How u feelin? heh shake
I'ma get behind ya...

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