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YOUNG RODDIE : Blow My Candle lyrics

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YOUNG RODDIE lyrics : "Blow My Candle"

[Verse 1]

Me I'm at this club not feeling it yet

we had to pass up on a party 'cause my neck wasn't red, f*ck it
me and the homie fizz got to the next
but the level don't change boring

several doors, a black club, white owner, several floors
packed with brothers trying to find a girl for a quick rub
no love couples come in and leave single

the same ol' but couple more shots and I mingle
stil not excited while holdin up my drink
2-stepping to a song that I usually hate, damn

somebody humps somebody that bumps somebody
that bumps into you makes you step on somebodys shoes
spill ten dollars on somebodys hairdo

that body turns, staring then screaming at you
and suddenly happens a thing that changes the whole game
I apologize and ask for her name thinking to myself


girl you can blow my candle (yea)
if you say it's not too hot for you to handle
(aww babe)

girl you can blow my candle (yea)
if you say it's not too hot for you to handle
(though it's not your birthday)

girl you can blow my candle
if you say it's not too hot for you to handle
(ooh baby don't stop, ooh baby don't stop)

girl you can blow my candle
oh girl you can blow my candle (yea)

[Verse 2]

ooh baby don't stop

and please don't feel offended
I had to spin this track all for the happy ending
rivalling the hollywood drama

some people spend their life growing old asking
what they shoulda done, woulda done and die nagging
I'd rather die naked with beautiful under the blanket

that sheet talk, pillow talk, you letting money walk
but when I'm in a good mood I'm the best sport
all on shorties they be so eager to bring it on

beware Young roDDie is known to get it on
mr. sooner or later, pour couple more shots
constantly around couple more spots

laying down couple more good cuts
for couple hip hop heads
then I get to shake couple more butts

with this roddiefied music respect is due
'cause I been checking it hard and I'm always true

[Chorus] *2

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