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you remember summer time it was so easy
you were living young, not thinkin bout me
coming back now, bet you see me on my feet

wanna work things out, but you see i'm not free
so whats up, you gonna tell me how you been
tell me everything, cause you lost you're friends

there should be a cost for the pain i was in
thinkin' you're the one, but i finally got the hint
that you're not comin back, so i made these tracks

to explain how i felt when you left and attacked
my heart , i should of known from the start
that you're not the only one that can take me from the dark

when i got back up made a plan for the game
i told myself to forget you're name
erase the pain and never think of you again

but the very next day, i seen you're face
now all you do is haunt me, gonna find you're ways to taunt me
i bet you mad cause lost me, never thought you'd ever want me

i'm gone you should forget it, you're all alone with all you're headaches.
i wanna fall for you're tricks , but this time my heart won't let it.
cause i'm over you now i found someone better

she just like you, but you know a lot better,
she can leave my side, but she know i won't let her
did i waste my time writing rhymes for this letter .

no i didn't, cause i express myself.
got it all out, i don't need no one else
just her and me, its her and baby,

damn its crazy, damn she made me .

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