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how many times do i gotta try how do you think that i'll survive
how long does it take you for you notice this is more then right
what would you do if one day i died there's not a chance to bring me back

cause i don't wanna live this life if i keep suffering heart attacks,

just a moment ago it seems like i was holding you in my living room

and everything fell back to place when i would look at you
all the time we spent together should of made the best of it
cause honestly we could've ran away for the hell of it

suddenly things shifted mind state different
baby girl left me cause some happiness went missin

but in this moment we were recently kissin
tell me did you miss it, we were in the right position

we were sitting there face to face but didn't know what words to say
so i asked if i was dreaming you said ''no'', then i start leaning
in for kiss, that's when you said ''i can't do this''

then i replied you already did'' .

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