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YOUNG ROB : 50 BARS lyrics

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YOUNG ROB lyrics : "50 BARS"

i'm getting to good tryna hide the pain i once knew
living in shame stuck in this game, that is old news
what am i supposed to do sit back and do nothing man

tryna get my act together, tell me you don't understand
i'm coming to knock some sense in and teach em all lesson
won't stop for resting, till your resting down in hell or heaven

you can sit there dwell on your life as you got seconds to breathe
cause at the end of the night, shouldn't of been $#&@ing with me
you think i'm right hell yeah im $#&@ing right,

screaming H.Y.F.R i'm bringing war to your yard
get on ya knees and pray god, cause i'm the beast here incharge
did i say beast ? i meant best, give a $#&@ who you are

don't care if your big in the game,i drop heat on ya name
you know the flow you spit lame, go for broke when i aim
do i gotta prove this %#@! again just by lifting this pen

yeah i'll give em Pride, gotta tell em how to live it man
so what should i do, go and switch my style
i'll do what i want to, but all i gotta do is smile

threw the rain , $#&@ the pain, i ain't falling down again
make the money don't come for me, unless you got some homies brave
hey, me i'm tryna get paid, don't you get in my way,

or homie you'll get sprayed to the grave,
hey, what the $#&@ did you say,
better be careful what you say or you'll never see the light of day

mark my words, you'll get hurt, dark curse
heart stops, then you drop and no one heard a word
so ima get rid of you, 6 feet in the dirt

but that ain't nothing, i bet that i could do worse
like no mercy, i'll lay you down, you can't murk me
and all you shady (*##$es hate me cause you ain't worthy

but i say $#&@ em all, when the money come i $#&@ing ball
and if i run low i'm taking yours at all cost
i was never popular, i was cleary hated

till the day i make it to be the greatest i'm forever faded
theres never a day when i'm not high , smoking the blunt i feel alive
pushing,the bull%#@! to the side, this is the time you close your eyes

visualize, the thought of me living it up
early morning gotta rise, still not giving a $#&@
theres no limit, no $#&@ giving on how hard i go

i'm spitting these bars killin the flow when i rock it slow
i'd like to shout out to the people who believe in me.
and to them haters take a good look what i grew to be

i learn to respect if you give honesty, and honestly
i wouldn't be here right now. if music wasn't apart of me
i try my best on each track, with every style i match

i go on beat, when i speak, i still give it a catch
i'ma beast of a dog, an you a #[email protected] of a cat
tryna push me but can't move me, then all you see is black

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