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YOUNG PYRO : Blow Something lyrics

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YOUNG PYRO lyrics : "Blow Something"

Put smoke inside my lungs,
Call that (*##$ just to make her###

Keep a bad (*##$ right beside of me,
It look like we hit the lottery

If you ain't blunt to blow this weed
You betta blow my $#&@in' dick
Take a lick, make it trip on a tit

(*##$, don't spit, good head
Get yo' toes lit with some dope dick
Like she a kid, I'mma Yoggy,

I got her callin' me the master
This swish ^!$$% pray to God
If I break the bread,

then you can call me a Pastor
In that #~!!@ I'm a go dive
If it's a concert got a gold ticket

She give me neck, like a clothes line
With a wet lake like Ricki
^!$$%s can't $#&@ with me

Living with luxuries
Started from nothing but now in good company
Now I stack chips like

these (*##$es in love wit me
Sellin' 'em the attitude,
can't give no $#&@s wit me

Bad (*##$, let her put all her trust in me
But it's like a third world country
These (*##$es be thirsty and hunger

They just pop they #~!!@, I just pop my collar
Blowin' this weed and I'm blowin' my dollars
Blowin' this lotto, lets keep a (*##$ quiet

Hang up on you while the money' is callin'
This ^!$$% 6.5, my money is taller
Ballin' like Jordan, smoke weed like a scholar

Rastafaria, run off the gandja
I got you, it's red light, holla
What's the pro'lem, ^!$$%?

(Hook x4)
You ain't blowin' this weed

You betta be blow this dick
One hour is life, but she gotta blow smth, huh

Tellin' me to turn down when I'm hyped up?!
But I'm a New York ^!$$%, when my %#@! drop,

I put my life's up
They lookin' at who I $#&@
They askin' how I stack my bucks

She like the way that I break it down
Then twist a blunt, and fire it up
I neva be a (*##$ and I fly as a thug

Neva be a (*##$ and neva been a scrub
Perpetrate my ^!$$%s, they neva watch they hoes
This how it goes, I live by the code

She a mad (*##$, I may give her a treat
Put this in the game and I won't bite the seat
That's nasty of me! That's clashy of me

But yo (*##$ understand, so her name is Capisce
Blow smth, no bubbles, huh,
studded, better, she chuggled

Bedroom box and weed tumble,
hit it so hard that I make a (*##$ fumble
I'm humble! Stay fresh,

stay clean, but I'm smokin' on

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