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YOUNG PEPY : Dance with you lyrics

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YOUNG PEPY lyrics : "Dance with you"

(i only wanna dance with you)
(you look into my eyes and you like the way my body whine upon the beat
i only wanna dance with you

so come and grab my hips let our body rock up on da vibe to night coz i

i only wanna dance with you


coz i only wanna dance on your body like a stripper on a pole
it's not an offence but you playin' a role
i'm sittin' right here and i'm watchin' you roll

like sean paul yes'im watchin' you roll let me $$#ist that body control
baby let's burn the dancefloor now makin' all the club wonderin' like how?
how do they flex on the song they flexin' so wild it's like they sex on the song

makin' them shy guys playin' along you're ringin' on my mind like ding ding dong ding ding dong
the club is a jungle and i'm king kong your body imma handle i won't do it wrong
mista selecta turn up this song i wanna hear them say that is my song(it's my song)

now you gotta come and dance coz she control the zone
she got spark lights like a precious stone
so sexy when she's whinin' you better be grown(grown) you better be grown

she shakin' and flexin' like she ain't got no bones
i got two hands so i carry my ball coz all i wanna do right now is dance

coz she dances like pro' got me breakin' out sweat
i don't think i'm ready for an exercise set Pep to the Y for an exercise set
coz she flex on the vibe and she ain't finished yet

and we got all the eyes of the club and the dance floor tonight let's go nasty no time to dance slow
my body stick to your and i follow your step i dance freestyle coz i had no prep
dance flex whine sex to night we ain't got no comp-lex

we take our time so no rolex of the nasty talk we are subject
coz i'm keepin' it real i'm gettin' respect
and to your body im just like connected and i can't disconnect coz we're so perfect

and stickin' to your body what a nasty effect
coz i look into your eyes and i like the way your body whine upon this beat
(i only wanna dance with you) girl you so fresh with that sexy attidude

i like my position please don't get me rude
im not gonna lie you got me in the mood all i gotta do right now is conclude

as we go back to my place imma show annother face
no mo' seein' eyes who only wanna chase
i got that trophy and i'm proud i brung it home

it's clear you and i just wanna get some
fun pleasure whatever we call it
we sure of somthin' both of us just want it

put me in the mood by the way that you move
like tip i just wanna get loose
loose loose yeah i wanna get loose

gettin' so far like a shot of grey goose
we take another shot then we layed on the bed
you screamin' so right neighbors know we ain't dead

dead dead hell no we ain't dead
after another shot we still dancin' at the end
dancin' drunk but we makin' the band

feelin' it deep so she grab me by my hand
so she grabbed me by my hand sticked to her body my minds in another land
every time she whine my mind gets high plus she so fine im not tellin' lies

lies im not tellin' lies, by that private show man i got surprised
young pep to the y got hypnotized
and all of this just started by a dance

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