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Young Noble : Enough 2 Make lyrics

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Young Noble lyrics : "Enough 2 Make"

All your life all you wanted to be
Was somebody wit a college degree

Swore up and down that you ain't need me
I used to tell you all the time that it ain't easy
And puppy love was all we had in the past

Now you a lady and you full up his $$#
Tell me that I'm crazy and that life won't last
And you might have been right I'm still chasin your $$#

I told you a life of bright lights and fast lane
Outta the gutta all I wanted was to have thangs
And I can have you and you can have me

Maybe a baby or two, raise a family
But you had other plans for life that better suited you
Found you a man that you love and that's beautiful

And it hurt me to death, no I can't lie
But I'm a grown man, still I wanna cry

Baby girl, I appreciate how you rode
You stayed down when my pockets start to reach low

And when it started to grow
You wasn't trippin on no dough
You know

You even told me how to make love with the lights off
I did you right, it's so wrong
We went through hell together but you still stay strong

When my grandma died I put my head on your shoulder
When I cry, you reply let it out you's a soldier
And your pops a punk he took the first bus to?

Left a pretty pressured girl behind, he gon regret it
I ain't your mami or papi but I'll do you jus like daddy
Jus ride or die wit me and I'll promise you stay happy

We? pills together now we took pills together
But we both got drunk of Tequil' together
I made a promise to you that I'ma slow down on the rules

Stop gettin drunk everyday, actin a fool
And now we havin a baby, oh it's gon' be a lil?
Lil man, low-key, bout to watch to work wit me, hit me hard

You think that I ain't speakin the wise
But it's enough to make a grown man cry

Let me make a deal wit you
Be real wit you

Look at me in my eye, if you wanted me to die I would try
It's enough to make a grown man cry
I been waitin for you all my life

You all I like
Picture what it would be, you bein next to me
I swear that's all that I would need

[Edi Amin]
Black pearl, grew up in this hellous world
Full of confidence and spunk, ain't %#@! you can tell this girl

All about her chips, hustle harder than ^!$$%z
Bubble hearted wit figgas, get the trouble started quick
Ever since she was a young'n she was always into somethin'

And when she got all the drama, was always on her shoulder
I guess bein that alive, %#@! a lot of resemblance
God brought us both together, to be eachother's protection

And I ain't mad at him, as matter fact daily
I get at him, and thank him for sendin you to me lady
Truly a gift from up above, you and me nobody stoppin us

So when we together, they all watchin us
And I'm feelin pity for them suckas that didn't want ya
Cuz nowadays, even some women want ya

Find want you wanna be, and you belong to me
My everything, for eternity, now sing wit me now


[Young Noble]

It's just another day, another day around the way
Pay attention to this story bout this girl named May
She been livin on my block for like 2 years now

Inside went down
She was a good girl, raised in the cater
She never even been to the city, it was easy to persuade her
I used to see her walkin to the store but she never spoke
So sometimes all the homies had jokes

But she was shy, only for a minute
Got introduced to the drugs, baby girl start trippin
Baby girl started strippin, now she all turned out
Trust me, Jersey real different than down south
Now all the homies on the block in and out of her house

They all found out she get down, no doubt
She was a black angel, now she all messed up
Show her a little cocaine and she get her sex up
Through the lust and the blunts, another little problem
Some of the brothas wasn't usin condoms

May wanna play, she gonna deal wit AIDS
But meanwhile, May gotta baby on the way
And she don't even know who the father is
Her best friend cocaine, she don't want no kids
So she smoke and smoke and got what she wanted

A beautiful black baby boy, died in her stomach, all for nothin

[Chorus: repeat until fade]

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