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Young Money : Roger That lyrics

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Young Money lyrics : "Roger That"

IM in the collard green 6 cornbread in the guts
Got dat halloween kicks trick or treat in the clutch

C'mon ^!$$% is you trickin or what
Flow tighter than a dick in the but
Jus hopped off the plane came back from van couv

Little white tee sum [email protected](& n bamboo
White girls tell me hey nicki you camp rules
Is that why you get more head than shampoos

Asalaam [email protected]$& no oink fa me
N I never let a d boy boink for free
Cuz its barbie (*##$ you can join the wave

I done penny nickel dime I done coined da fraze
You cudnt beat me derre if ya had a layer
Indian style court side wit a cavalier

Vip roseas you can have a beer
Cuz honey when you gettin money you dont have a care.

Roger Dat [6x]


Young black ricos
Kill fa da c notes
But me doe

I jack son (*##$ tito
She wanna play games
But dis is not bingo

Monopoly I'm pass go
Gon head n deep throat
4 chick 4 somes

Skin colors mocha
Sally and sonia put tha #[email protected] on my totum

Wat stroke em
Strike ya like bowlin
Now open like ya yawnin

Its 6 in tha mornin
Sleepin on me probly in a cauffin
I'm hotter than the end of $#&@in august

I'm awesome
Repeat it to ya grandma n uncles my mothers
Tygas no dad but I'm tha ma $#&@a

Ma $#&@as
Dis tha last supper
Look no hands

I'ma bread cuffer
I dont dare lover
I'm a dare devil

I dont fear nun

Roger Dat.

[Wayne]Im going in
Fresh off tha jet sharper than gillette
The blunt still wet so pass it like Brett

We sip side a mug we call it upset
Smoke more than 4 quarters we call it sun debt
I'ma beast

You a pet
Ak long kneck
Keith sweat

Weezy motha$#&@a
Capo n dis (*##$ wit me
Money talks n have a convo n dis (*##$ wit me

I'm mountain high colorado in dis (*##$ wit me
Flow crazy 730 you jus 650
20 bullets from the chopper take the roof off

Laughin to the bank
I'm a goof ball (ha ha)
Its ym

N we at ya kneck like a violin
Its our world
We make it spin

N yall tha prey..AMEN
Now roger dat
Roger dat
Where rog at
I heard rog a rat

$#&@ around n neva get rogered back

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