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YOUNG MOE : Dreamin lyrics

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YOUNG MOE lyrics : "Dreamin"

feat. Freeway)
Dreamin', I'm only dreamin'
Some people forget about that hungel must they get a little bit 'for

Good it's never good enough for me
Let's go, you can get it what you ask

Even if you got a walk, your feed get right at home
Ooh, hey use to had a past strong ....
Every day I told my self that I'mma make a way

And I don't need nobody else as long as I am player
I look my ^!$$% in the face and told him we were straigh
But before I turn the way I told 'em what I got to say

But they ^!$$% shouldn't take it wrong
Cause he know I got this ..that they ...

I never know that I can make this for my mistakes
Only time ..see me they call the
I was only seventeen, pay a ...., living like ...

And now I'm on twenty and I don't regret cause I've seen the burn of money
I try to find a better life, motivation came around when I was in the selling night

Cause I'm living better then the ^!$$%s on the second straight
If they catch you sleeping they tripping, they gonna be seen you in slice

It's all you had to say
What you got to do,it's time to found ....face this why
And they blame on the drinking but

I can tell you he wasn't thinking
Every time I drip I was over you couldn't take it
... 'bout the money, he wasn't make it

I heard that you... he got switch it when he got lay on that day
When you get drunky like ...

Different person, face off ^!$$% ...
Start the cliping , ...

I see me first killer ... to tell you the truth ..big come to reality
...make my second ..made it out of propriety

Slalow me ...
If you work hard, go class, study your lessons

That it made it to the top,... got shot

I work that...
What you know about that ?

Getting dreamin', got a dream about...you probably dream about snack
Got the right to be ...

You like it, you love it
You better win your....cause you...
We found the battle...

Try to catch me and bust me, you must be dreamin', dreamin', dreamin

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