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YOUNG MITE : Venting lyrics

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YOUNG MITE lyrics : "Venting"

(Goo...I just need you all to close your eyes and vibe with me on this one.. yeah, its Young Mite..)

[Verse 1: Young Mite]

Lately I haven't been devoted to my music
Its like I have a good hand, yet I'm folding and I'm loosing
Man, this %#@! is so confusing

I don't know, what I'm doing
I just hope, that I'm improving... as a man
Cause I know that I'm in proving land!

The game is a long road and nobody take my hand
Life's a beach and I'm just a grain of sand
And if I ever fall? I just hope I understand

My feelings all clustered
And if I'm headed anyway? I hope its upwards

Cause "the sky is the limit" is what Biggie told me
And "only God can judge me" is what Pac showed me!
So I'm on my grind til I have more green

Then a field of a soccer team
But, til then still searching for answers like Socrates
I'm feeling so lonely at times, I'm obviously

Not doing something right, and constantly
Falling behind and not paying mind

To the things in life that truly matter
I'm climbing to success and my fans are my ladder


My true friends? my pen about to leak on that

Matter a fact? I ain't even gotta speak on that
Show em love and I see it right back!
BFL I'm about to put us on the map!

I promise
I'm going off like a phone that needs charging

If you ain't with us be alarmed then
Cause momma told me I'mma be a star when
I keep it real, 100 that's for starting

I mean starters, hop on this starship
And lets take off, where the stars is

And I'm not talking about Hollywood
And we ain't coming back until we all good!


(It's like everyday that goes by.. feels like another day I didn't take advantage of

No matter how much I do, no matter how hard I try, I feel there's something missing..
And I don't know what it is...)

[Verse 2: Young Mite]
Maybe its that special someone
Or probably just a common

Feeling for a rapper
Working so damn hard, yet progress ain't massive
Gets me asking

If this is my true calling
Or I'm in the wrong path
Just another fool falling

For money, hoes, and mistakes?
If that's all this is about?
Than I'm feeling out of place!

Cause that real is what I bleed
I swear I have it in my veins!
Same reason why, I $#&@ed everything up the other day

Saying things I'm not suppose to say

To a beautiful friend

I intended no disrespect
But feelings got mixed up, I was loosing my breath
Told her I want to $#&@, like if it was correct

That I have so much lust, not thinking I would forget
To say just how much love, I really have for her.. %#@!...

I saw that look in her eyes, she couldn't believe it
That look I despise, the reason being
That could of been the last time
I ever see it

If it is, just know my heard you're never leaving
And if I ever make it big

Thank you for believing..


(and my homie doing ten in the pen.. I love em to death, I'm a true friend.. Yeah..
I'll never let down those who keep me up, and those who want to keep me down?
You ain't trying hard enough.. Nope! this is not my heart full of resent see

This is just another rapper venting...Thank you for listening..)

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