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Young MC : What's the Flavor? lyrics

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Young MC lyrics : "What's the Flavor?"

1-2 microphone check from the young one
They told me fling a rhyme so it's time that I flung one
And someone, rap to the kids and the grown ups

And if you step to this, yo, you end up getting blown up
And sewn up, just like a needle and a thread
I'm living kinda lovely cos I am well fed

So dread, I think it's bout time for my supper
And when I finish eating I'll go watch some Martin Tupper
So presto changer, I'm putting you in danger

I might sound kinda strange but yo you know I'm not a stranger
I'm more like a brother that you knew from way back
Kinda chillin' and illin' when on the microphone track

So black, you best step back, keep your distance
Otherwise you could need some medical $$#istance
Take heed homeboy and do yourself a favour

And check what I gave ya to figure out the flavor


What's the flavor? What's the flavor? (x8)

Once again, I'm coming at you with a flow

I see brothers making money, but I be making more
So yo, do what you want to try to spoil it
I drop dope rhymes just like dookies in a toilet

So oil this, cos I heard your little voice squeak
And go to rap school cos your flow is kinda weak
And still you speak, thinking that you're doing service

Well step off yo, cos on the mic I'm never nervous
Now you could come at me with a sledge or a jack
It don't matter cos my rhymes is fatter and yours is wack

So back up off me, wake up and smell the coffee
I'm not Roberta Flack but still I'm killing you softly
With my song, giving it to you all night long

I bet you never ever thought that this would be so strong
Ey yo, school's in session, kid watch your behaviour
And check what I gave ya to figure out the flavor


New and improved it is a young man groove
Indeed, I'm guaranteed to make your head move
Suckers step up, claiming to be my nemesis

So I get busy and I play 'em like Sega Genesis
And Tennis is a sport that I sometimes watch
Unless I'm knocking boots the way that Tony knocked Choch

So open up the door and let me in G
Or I'll break it down because you're being stingy
Now, extra extra, read all about it

Young is on the mic I'm rocking the house no doubt about it
So come correct, see I'm flowing like a jetski
Through water, and yo, your daughter thinks that I am sexy

So listen to the rhyme and you'll be good to go
I won't leave you hanging like Ross Perot
And in conclusion, I'd like to say the girlies drive me crazy

I'm outtie, I'm ghost, I'm Swayze
So what's the flavor?


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