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YOUNG MARQUIS : Bad Lil Shawty lyrics

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YOUNG MARQUIS lyrics : "Bad Lil Shawty"

Clap your Hands!
Clap your Hands!

If you know you bad
Shawty over there

Yea she Bad, Yea she bad Aye!

Now Shawty I been thinkin bout you all day
Keep you on my mind
Think about you allways

I'm stuck on you girl can't let you get away
All I need is you (x3)
Gotta get you to see

Your the only girl for me
That's why I'm gonna show you what I mean
And show you your the only one for me

She got what I'm looking for

My Shawty so gooood...

She a Bad lil Shawty
Mama So mean, So thick, So cute
She got me stuck like glue

She gotta bad lil body
And I be in a daze everytime I see her face
And my heart start to race

She a bad Lil Shawty
And I just wanna make her mine...
She a Bad lil Shawty, Uh-oh (x2)

Girl you got me on a natural high
So high I can touch the sky

Cause your so Nice
And Your so Right
Your the type of girl I wanna make my wife

Girl I'm telling you I'm quiting it all
My main chick girl your my boss
I don't care about your flaws

Girl anything you can get it all

Clap your Hands!
Clap your Hands!

If you know you bad

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