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YOUNG LEO lyrics : "Dawn Khim"

i wanted you to be there when i fall

i wanted you to see me through it all
i wanted you to be the one i loved
i wanted you,i wanted you

i wanted you to hold me in my sleep
i wanted you to show me what i need
i wanted you to know just how down deep

i wanted you,i wanted you

[verse 1]

once upon a time,in the middle of this normal life
some cute girl just came by with an angel's glow & beautiful eyes
the newest in the class,while i was just a "nobody"

left out on the first day,so she needed somebody
a bullet to the chest,everytime she looked at me
another bullet to the brain,when she's the only one i see

two more bullets to my face,when i see her diamond-studded eyes
and a grenade to my heart,when i knew everything about her life
never knew 'bout it back then;just realized for a few months

but just like the usual,i never really had the guts
to tell her about us,but that "us" will never exist
i'd rather just walk away with a broken mirror & a bloddy fist

she's been on my mind ever since;trying hard to get away
from this painful heatrache,but it wont even go away
so hard to say it..when im to heartbroken & pissed

but i wish i would still tell you this:


[verse 2]
its been like 7 months since you're goin' out with him

ever since you brighten up my days, but now you made it extremely dim
& its been 8 months since i wanted to know you more
i was sure you're the one for me,but now im not sure anymore

'cause after all those memories with you,there crushed into dust
but you still act so sweet to me..still the one i trust
what the hell happened between us?its like we're back to the start

from stranger to dear friend to crush to taken to far apart
now we're stuck to "far apart",at the same time,you've changed
i really miss the old "you",& the memories we've made

but you break through them like it was glass,& you moved into the next.
& you never noticed;been giving me pain in my chest
what did you do to me?you made me who i am now

you just kept on cutting my chest & just ripped my heart out
this is how it turns out.How could you hurt me now?
you're already going out with another guy,& you made me scream so loud


im so sorry baby(im so sorry but....)
but i gotta pack up & leave(gotta leave but....)

but i always remember how we came close
to being how i wanted to be
i wanted you baby

i wanted you

[verse 3/bridge 2]

never wanted to hurt you
never wanted to make you cry
never wanted your heart broken

if i say this in front of your eyes:
"Why did we even met?'cause i wish i never met you"
cause you made me so happy & red,now you made me sad & blue

im not saying that i hate you;i still love you with all my heart
but it just wasnt meant to be,so i decided to be far
so go ahead..enjoy life...make good times with him

but i'll be seeing you soon,Dawn Kim


(i use to want you,dont know if i still want you)2x


dont know if i still want you

make some good times with him.....
but ill be seeing you soon....dawn kim

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