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YOUNG LAY : Playah's Mode lyrics

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YOUNG LAY lyrics : "Playah's Mode"

Sup ya'll this is Ebony I'm from a playah'z hole with young lay
I can't let you down til you take it off

[Young Lay]
Now there's a dope rhyme sale up in this town

Listen to the sounds I bring
I be dropping hoes be jocking like feens
I comes so clean when I spit in his mouth piece

Coming with that young playa %#@! fools get with or without me
Living life dangerously but hoes be in the nickel mix
When I think I hind of this but silly rabbits full of tricks

But I don't trip let her be a mac though she ain't
Baby bought the rules in the $#&@ing dank
Tip toed out the door right after I g'd her

I wanted to do the crew so how the $#&@ am I going to sleep with her
I liggity loc the side digged her down like I'm straight
I bet that trickity tramp (*##$ keep me down now I'm back on the set

Kicking up some more though yea hoe that's how it works
I told her I am getting paid cuz the game is like some minute maid
I still got hoes to faint

LAY DAMMIT my ^!$$% played the dozen running through her crew
Her sister partner and her cousin
School I though you know in 92 but it's only buzzing

Then up in 93 in the vidy there always up to something
The po or not got you running way past 94 cuz they couldn't find me though
Chillin up in my playah'z home

[Chorus x2]
Make ma ma ney ma ney

Make ma ma ney ma ney
That the way we do it
Off in my playaz home

[Young Lay]
I spit some game at these hoes they can't get a hold of

I said to be with me I going to need somebody I can fold love
Steady cashflow where a ^!$$% should be getting strady paid
On breaking a (*##$ and leaving a hoe with some juice and change

You got a job hoe and you know u need to get one

To get with me cuz see I need to get some income

Straight pimp the p, I, m, p, the (*##$ that be steady pleasing me
Cuz now I'm a mc
I can't wait got a date in jamaca

Me and the chocolate trip on a trick with some dank huh
I threw my loccest side gruve in and put my dick smooth in
And now she want to plan to move in

I told the young baby like this
I hear that %#@! she dropping put some heam in the spliff
And quit the panties dropping what do I mean naw

I gots to go back to velliho hit the L's in my playah'z home

[Chorus x2]

[Young Lay]
Back in the day I used to be tripping off the messy hoes

Young life been a trip peeped the pimp game
Ever saw the straight up used to check a hoe
Getting it for the means though

Fast talking comment brains full of bomb in
See pencils never come in
Always with that to the gangsters that used to spit rap

And still took heat and ol shcool kick back
But now they living phat growing up off of my %#@!
Why you g'd l y be you little ol suckas

They can never get enough of this loccest %#@!
Running up in your (*##$ ^!$$%s scared to get a dose of this the game
The %#@! you was on up on but let you tell it

They never knew about my crew and hoe we in the valley
Late night creeping out the back door
Dank box in my demo tape they wouldn't play me though

I gained publicity now they like to listen see
I turn nuts when I hits the set ^!$$% what
But now I got to find me a bigger cut ^!$$%s hate

To see me in triggers got the biggest gut
I pulled the %#@! now I'm stuck
Yo young lay where you stuck
Off in my playah'z home


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