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[Verse 1: Glasses Malone]
Started A, skipped to see who wanna be you
It's a V-12, roof is see through

You know how G do, slow my swagger down
Then screw my swagger up, then load the mac with rounds
Then I hit your block, you better hit the house

I'll change that magazine, soon as this clip is out
You ^!$$%s talkin' bad, don't get to trippin' out
Cause yo daddy catch the blues, you know the crips is out

And we get nasty homie, just like a stripper's mouth
Wash them oil stains, cause once you slip it's pow
Noodles in your lap, sauce is on your seat

G is on the mic, Rotem on the beat
What it do, this how it's gotta be
Make 'em wash they mouth, ?

Now tell 'em squash the beef, they know my squad is deep
Or watch 'em play the #[email protected], I'll make 'em squat to pee

[Hook: Young Lace]
No, no, I do not see you
Started A and skipped the C cause I don't wanna be you

No, no, I do not see you
I started A and skipped the C cause I don't wanna be you
No, no, I don't wanna be you

I don't wanna, I don't wanna, I don't wanna be you
I don't wanna be you
Started A and skipped the C cause I don't wanna be you

[Verse 2: Young Lace]
Big money speakin', I leave a ^!$$% leakin'

Call me Nyquil cause I'll be leavin' ^!$$%s sleepin'
What is you thinkin'? Rappin' is my comfort
I'm gettin' that green, you can call it cucumbers

Crazy lifestyle, Evel Kinevel
My gun goes pop, there goes the weasle
I'm leavin' haters on the cement

Any given Sunday, now call me Willie Beamen
I stay schemin' and plottin'
On my next buck, I don't really give a $#&@ like I'm Rodman

I got wordplay, keep yah head bobbin'
And $#&@ a price tag, if I want it then I'm coppin'
Yeah, a ^!$$% got a lot of leverage

I'm gettin' money, gettin' money is my heritage
I don't give a %#@! and I don't give a $#&@ either
I'm kinda like Nas, I be spittin' that ether

[Hook: Young Lace]

[Verse 3: Wiz Khalifa]
They've done cleared the planes for takeoff
So y'all gon' need to go hard or keep your day job

I'm on the same %#@! them rich ^!$$%s on
Backseat, playin' Xbox, Jordan slippers on
Sippin rose, smell the kush cologne

Tell 'em I need ESPN and ?
I get money, I'm grown
So I walk inside the bank like, "Honey I'm home"

And I'm the pilot so they call me @@#!y
Pocket full of presidents, the ones you see without the body
I'm gettin' face, I'm switchin' states

Sayin' prayers for my dog, I hope he whips his case
I set the pace, you follow suit
From the streets but I party where all the models do

If your friend's sexy, call her too
And skip past A and B, just let a ^!$$% see all of you

[Hook: Young Lace]

[Verse 4: Guyana]

Two car garage, two cars inside
Two more in my driveway that I don't ever drive
Ten flatscreens in my crib, I'm in the backseat of my whip

I got a chauffeur in my Maybach that I pay stacks cause I'm rich
Got more glasses than Malone, gotta walk around with two phones
Cause them hoes won't leave me alone, got more cars than you've got clothes

Wiz wanna be my roommate, Louie V on my suitcase
You get the picture, Blu-Ray, I'm the one, you're too late
Doin' %#@! that's illegal, my connect is a chico
Take your money, repo, you rappers suck, deep throat
I'm not the same as you cheap hoes, those people that need dough

You walk around doin' free shows, I'm ballin', Tim Tebow

[Hook: Young Lace]

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