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YOUNG JEEZY : What I Do (just Like That) lyrics

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YOUNG JEEZY lyrics : "What I Do (just Like That)"

{Drumma Boy, Drumma Boy, Drumma Boy}

[Intro: Young Jeezy]

Yeah, it's been a long muh'$#&@in time~!
Drumma, let's go get 'em
Guess who's back? Yeah

Let's GO!

[Chorus: Young Jeezy]

Just like that, ^!$$%z don't know how to act
Bet when them ^!$$%z hear this, they get ta grabbin they strap
Just ask them DJs', dey know, they get to bringin it back

Them ^!$$%z hit up the club, they get to bringin the sack
I say now just like that, (*##$es don't know what to do
And when we hit up the club, you know them broads comin through

I told her hit up her girl, tell 'em that they can come too
And now that (*##$ off the chain, I told y'all then what I do
I say now just like that

[Young Jeezy]
(*##$es they screamin, I can hear (*##$es callin

Give a $#&@ if they like it, tell them ^!$$%z I'm ballin (Yeaaaaaaah)
These ^!$$%z holdin they nuts, as you see I ain't stallin
Swear these ^!$$%z a triiiiiip~! As you see I ain't fallin (Ha-haaaaaah!)

They want me trip on my strings, want me fall on my face
Hit a lick for a hunnid (damn!), and it fell in my safe
Said she no alcoholic, but she drink like a toilet

Told her, "Do me a favor and put yo' mouth on this faucet"
I know just how she like it, she might think I'm a psychic
Even called me a plumber, she like the way that I pipe it

^!$$%z talk like they know me, they must got me mistaken (Ha-haaaaaah!)
(*##$ I'm pleadin not guilty, you'll never charge me with fakin (Let's GO!)


[Young Jeezy]

You see my back on my %#@!, you can tell I'm swaggin
And you know that I got it, you can tell I ain't braggin
Them Rollies wit big faces, drink Ciroc by the cases

I'm Neo out this biiiiitch~! Feel like I'm stuck in +The Matrix+ (Ha-haaaaaah!)
I'm talkin so much white, you would think I was racist
See I came from the bottom, I'm talkin under the [email protected]&(t (Daaaaamn!)

Threw the roof off this (*##$, like we just had a tornado
Desert Eagles they twins, I call 'em Cain & Abel (BOOM!)
Hundred K in my pocket, that %#@! as thick as the Bible

Superstar in my hood, so that would make me an idol (Yeaaaaaah)
Had a hell of a night, so I'ma say me a prayer
In the lockout I'm ballin, so that would make me a player (Let's GO!)


[Young Jeezy]
I got 'em bouncin and leanin, I got 'em drinkin and smokin
I told her take off her clothes, (What she say?) That she open (Yeaaaaaaah!)

If you gettin to the money, my ^!$$%, ball like a dog
Them cigarillos so big, them (*##$es look like they logs (Let's GO!)
I'm the life of the party, bring the party some life

You know I'm dead-ass serious, why? Cause I said it twice
We talkin straight suicide, we takin shots to the head
Must be drinkin amnesia, cause I forgot what I said (Ha-haaaaaaah!)

Stack up so much bread I'ma need me a toaster
My partner ride with his chopper, this ^!$$% think he a soldier
Why I'ma stand in the section when I can stand on the sofa?

So y'all guess what I does, you never say I ain't told ya (Let's GO!)


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