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YOUNG JEEZY : Pull Out The Fye (Remix) lyrics

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YOUNG JEEZY lyrics : "Pull Out The Fye (Remix)"

chorus: (x2)
..i can have any (*##$ i want,
i can drive anything i need,

no need running like a girl won't drink!
blow the money like?on these streets
we gotta get ?

the day she?
we gonna pull out the fye,
put out the fye!

all right we gonna pull out the fye,
and if you try
we gonna pull out the fye!

put out the fye!

i'll ..that [email protected][email protected] no front!

white photo? i can buy any brick i want!
..so much.. smell like?
so much ?feel like a trap,

?got me?
..i can have any (*##$ i want,
she gonna give me any (*##$ i need

hold my #[email protected], hold my?
..makes me sick,?this is how i got rich,
?'till you get on my nerve, ?.

look at your liquor like a?
..your liquor like?

chorus: (x2)

..how she rush, [email protected][email protected],

we all got hit like ?, [email protected][email protected],
we don't wanna feel like? [email protected][email protected],
[email protected][email protected] get?

don't really give a damn about the couch [email protected][email protected],
..don't take no %#@! i [email protected][email protected]!
look at my face i'll?, [email protected][email protected],

learn how to talk to a?, !@[email protected]!
get a whole bunch of [email protected][email protected]?
don't need no? i'ma ?

roll on cush, we gonna blow our day,..
money on my pocket, money in the safe,

and when we hit the club, throw money in the face!...

chorus: (x2)

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