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Chorus: Young Jeezy]
We getting money over here what it do pimpin
See you boys tipping but you boys ain't tipping

Hold up a yeah it's something wrong wit it
If the money gon' ^!$$% be the $#&@ on wit it

[Bun B]
Don't worry bout what the $#&@ we smokin over here
Don't worry bout what the $#&@ we drankin over here

Don't worry bout who the $#&@ was standing over here
Don't worry bout how the $#&@ we dancing over here

[Young Jeezy]
I'm in a new SS and the tag still on it
And the #[email protected] ^!$$%z hating cause all the hoes on it

She ask me why I looked so mean
I said the Benz just boosted up my self-esteem
^!$$% I'm the %#@! and if I ain't y'all let me think what think

Matter of fact tell the waitress let me drink what I drink
^!$$% think I ain't
No need to brag

Man these hoes love Jeezy they just like my swag
The way I do my thang
I'm just a young ghetto ^!$$% wit a big $$# chain


[Young Jeezy]
If you feeling like a pimp dog gon' brush ya shoulders off
I'm trapping lil daddy gon' get them boulders off

And I'ma teach you how to stunt
As soon as my ^!$$%z roll up these blunts
She said she like my domineer

Between you and me I think she's digging my Beemer
Love the way a lil ^!$$% spit so slick
Plus she heard I gotta big dick that's it

Yeah put it on me girl
Matter of fact tell ya friends put it on me girl
Gangsta %#@! we got dro in the air

Bottles of Crist', Grey Goose everywhere


[Bun B]
I gotta stable full of hoes and a trap full of dealers

A house full of bloods and a house full of killers
I'm heavy on the streets with a rep long as old Nash
I hit a hater wit a heat from a cold gat

I'm posted up on a corner like a street light
Making sure the money move making sure I eat right
Dollar for dollar and dime for dime

We out here hustle for hustle, ^!$$% grind for grind
We got them nines in a halfs
Even them old things grinding on them hash

Folding for doe mane
We all in the dope game
Buying and selling

You haters buying and telling
But what is my ^!$$%z yelling

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