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YOUNG JEEZY : Get Em' Jeezy lyrics

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YOUNG JEEZY lyrics : "Get Em' Jeezy"

Get em' jeezy i got em'
Get em' jeezy i got em'

Get em' jeezy i got em'
Get em' jeezy i got em'
Get em' jeezy i got em'

Get em' jeezy i got em'
Get em' jeezy i got em'
Get em' jeezy i got em'

(verse 1)
I need a docter i got a sick wrist game (damn)

Hit the blunt twice then i switch lanes (yeah)
Im ridin' on some grown men (what)
What you wanna play let the games begin'(thats right)

On the count of three here we go (go)
I dont talk fast ya'll just listen slow (slow)
They need glasses they aint seein' me (uh uh)

Stevie wonda $$# ^!$$%s aint seein' me (naw)
Four x white tee and a wife beata (gea)
Got my desert eagle call it seniorita (thats right)

Got a way with words paint a picture man /
I dont smoke phillies ima swisher man /


(verse 2)

Catch me in walters spendin' grands man (what)
When i leave they got to help me tote my bags man (aayy)
Jeezy poppin' tags you betta make way (gea)

Drought a vouch for me ask [email protected]$&ate'(thats right)
And i dont think they heard me
Aint no ^!$$% in the leage got more jerseys(what)

No matter the price
I can wear one everyday for the rest of my life (yeah)
I aint gon' lie i got a lot of paper

So when im out shinin' i see allot of hata's (gea)
Im rich (*##$ i cant help but brag(what u talkin?)
More g's then a gucci bag


(verse 3)
Ya album garbage i bought ya %#@! man
I listen to it know its in the trash can (x3)

Think jeezy a lier
Spit the straight drop ^!$$% set the city on fire (what)
Call the firemen (gea)

All you fake rap ^!$$%s betta retire man (yea)
Real reconize real ^!$$%(like wise)
Sell allot of chickens call me popeyes (gea)

You tryin' to hard i make it look easy
And all that cheap $$# jewlery gottcha lookin' cheesy (yea)
Dont make me laugh (ay)

See this %#@! around my neck it cost a brick and a half


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