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Young Jeezy Ft. 2 Chainz : SupaFreak lyrics

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Young Jeezy Ft. 2 Chainz lyrics : "SupaFreak"

last night it was kush and ciroc: i was super geeked

cash flowing, money flowing, yeah that's a super weekk
got em for the 26 5, now that's super-cheap
can't you ^!$$%s tell? i'm just looking for a super-freak

super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know i want a
super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know i need a
super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know i want a

super-freak, super-freak, yeah you know i need a
[verse 1: young jeezy]
what it do? what it is? what you working with?

that's how you see me on grind: stay on that working %#@!
all i ever want's a bad (*##$ in a chanel bag
sweet ^!$$%s want her cause they know she got chanel swag

straight like that, yea i $#&@ with her the long way
been bragging to my partners: i been talking about her all day
pull up in that super-coupe: you know them diamonds glistening

too much money in the room, guess i hit her in the kitchen then
get her to myself man, i ain't hit that girl yet
now that i got her to myself man, you know i'm tryna get that girl wet

keep it one thousand with you: i really think i'm big enough
can't hear nothing but the money so she might just think i'm big enough

[verse 2: 2 chainz]
rick james, super freak
she got that wet-wet: now that's a superleak

tell your baby daddy that he's super weak
$#&@ed your girl last night: it only took a week
2 chainz chump! cost 100 stacks

10,000 with my shirt off that's 100 tax
ok i'm done with that, you can run with that, i'mma switch it up
this (*##$ i'm with is thick as $#&@, i'm rich as $#&@

laying in the bed and i still got my semi tucked
going online like “when they gonna make that bentley truck??”
my bankroll make em pay attention

the white girl like it when i whip it, whip it


[verse 3: young jeezy]
she with if i'm wrong or i'm right, yea she my type
baby girl go and get the ? you know what i like

meet her at my low-key apartment, never at the house
every time we got pulled over, never ran her mouth
$#&@ with real ^!$$%s, get money baby, on the chain

long as baby stay getting money, how can i complain?
favorite girl, guess she got the skills just to pay the bills
last ^!$$% she was $#&@in with was worth a couple mil

even when she going for the low, says she's not a ho
yeah you know that thing is super-wet: call it sloppy joe
said she like it when i whip it fast then i whip it slow

even though she got a lot of names, i just call her “blow”

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