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YOUNG HOT ROD lyrics : "The Cannon Freestyle"

[Young Hot Rod: Talking]
Yeah man you don't like me
^!$$% kill yourself man

You know waht i'm talkin about?
I ain't 'gon do it for you ^!$$%
I ain't like that (ha ha)

[Verse 1: Young Hot Rod]
I'm with the Unit now I got them ^!$$%s that like to wild out like Nick (Cannon)

Yeah, cause I'm that new kid eatin' them steaks
while you shoppin for that beef top runnin'
Dreams get shattered

I $#&@ girls faster
While your $$# is a captain call you William Shatner
After all

Look little ^!$$% ask ya moms
She used to dribble on my nuts like a basketball
Pizzle, this and that, this is fact

Mickey Dees ain't open but them boys got them big macs (wow)
Chit chat
With ya chick jack

Right quick
Yeah, I'm a hit that (*##$ with my night stick
Kiss that? nah ^!$$% I ain't kiss that

Got a big stash
In the Benz with the big $$#
My Cadillac got a big dick yeah its true

It got big feet so I got him big shoes
Listen you, yeah yeah its the master
Hot Rod you call me Mr. Mick Swagger

I be mad If I be you
I see, yeah I see you
The reason is the Phantom

Is zonin'
The answers is all in
The bars that I'm callin'

^!$$%s is still sleep
I'm stuntin in the Harley
You at a slumber party

Wake yo $$# up like 5 A.M. in the army
Wake yo $$# up 5 A.M. in the morning
You tired $$# ^!$$%s and (*##$es is still yawning

While I live like a king yo $$# still pawning
%#@! out your garage
While I whip out the Ferrar.. ri

First round lottery pick I'm like Lebron
First Banks then Buck hands me the baton
I sell a few mill and hand the %#@! to Fif

He sell another 11 mill G Unit is the %#@!

[Young Hot Rod: Talking]

Ahh, oh oh oh oh god
Oh %#@!, I just busted man
I just busted on the track man

Whoo ha ha
Don't touch me (*##$
Don't touch me

I'm sensitive
I'm sensitive
Gimme something to drink

Yeah, gimme some of that vitamin water baby
Yeah put it in the cup

Yeah, drink of champions man
ha ha ha
G Unit ^!$$%

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