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YOUNG HOODZ : This Is HipHop lyrics

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YOUNG HOODZ lyrics : "This Is HipHop"

This is hip hop....

Chorus x2

This is hip hop, I'm back to the block,

Got rid of the black cloud, no more staying down,
Living live to the fullest, rock my fitted hat,
Great state of mind, I wish you can have that

Verse 1

Good morning, this is dope, how otherwise should be,
With sick drums awesome sample and a gilr sing
I aim to do it major to make it on my own

You can do it too, never lose track of your soul
Look at how the game changes, so fast you can't adapt
New players find it difficult, I say !#@* THAT

Nothing you can do, will ever stop me
I am way better then the average, haters feel sorry
Haunted by the black cloud, shot by the pain

I put a vest on and took pills for the pain
Moving forward, that was the only option
I can't sell my soul, or give it up for auction

You see this is easy, you just need some will
Impossible is nothing, that's the real deal
Just like a boxing match, winner takes it all

Keep on punching, make sure you never fall

Chorus x2


I wish you can have that...

Verse 2

I pledge allegiance to this hip hop and never change my mind
Can't lose the grip I have, success is the bottom line
Never frontin, lie or try to be fake

Born on a special day, check the birth date
I put my heart and my soul on every single song
Big up to the real ones rest in peace Nate Dogg

Rest in peace to Aaliah, Pac or B.I.G.
Rest in peace to olds chool, we lost your finger print
I feel responsable, I gotta bring it back

Some tryied that before, but they lost their track
Slippin on mainstream all about the dough
Escaped from underground, they didn't try no more

So everytime you see me with the pen and paper
Let me do my thing, I have to make it better
And if you are a fake rapper that means you suck

I would love to listen to your %#@!, but I gotta go cuz..

Chorus x 2

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