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YOUNG HAUS : My Mind lyrics

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YOUNG HAUS lyrics : "My Mind"


check check 1,2
this is what i do.

first of all
im rolling over yall

im not even a tractor
you do slow love songs for her and not even attract her
your more like an emo depressed [email protected]$)got not a rapper

now i got your whole rap carreer dreams broken and shattered
a peice fell off the counter and rolled back to the platter

in the exact same spot it was at before it shattered
see this is just a pun for me climbing up the ladder
picking all the peices up

im just rolling in my tractor
and no matter what it is,i do it
cuz my manners

and im only just a kid influenced
by commanders
and icons in the biz of music

and i aint talking bout tat main stream hip hopidy bull%#@!
im just talking bout hop,swizzz,dizz, and who (*##$?
oh you thought you was ill

to bad your not on the sicklist
wish (*##$
your mom and dad ashame you exist kid

to bad they never knew he was gifted
with this

talent to cover beats with lyrics
is provided on CDs to hear

and with this
he can control the common minds of everyone around town including mine so bow down
(hold up)

i aint finna bow down to no man
try to calm me down
im going ham like connan

i think it must be known
im a soldier of team nogen
and this aint a mother$#&@ing joke

so quit te knockin
wake up in the morning ,hit up scott and see what poppin
he told me he was bout to spark a blunt , and so i hopped in

the shower for 5 min, freshened up and started walking to the
bart around the corner and jumped on the train to richmond
but im

not going that far
im stopping at U.C. park
and going up to the corner till i see the gold car

once i get to that part
im heading up the stairs
glancing at the window just so i cound fix my hair

get to the door
knock once
and no ones there

so i knock once again just like he diddnt hear
the door opens up and he apears with a old haircut and a blunt in his ear(uhh)

with an old haircut and a blunt in his ear(yeah)

and so i say wussup and the blunt dissapeaed
i react,back with that stamina

of a fat kid with azghma
frustrated in the line of a taco truck
like $#&@

im trying to eat
gotta go to sleep
got people to meet in the morning so i cheif and hit the sheets

i woke up around 3 to a lil creek
and i knew for a a daym fact it wasnt from the street
i hopped up on my feet
then i start to creep
through dark hallways to the $#&@in kitchen sink

i cant beleive what i see so i start to blink
and honestly i dont know what gods trying to do to me
i feel a heat wave slap me across the cheak
it lest a handprint on my face that was so unique
and everytime i look at it man the phaze repeats

over and over again
just like i play the beats

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