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YOUNG GUNZ : Problemz lyrics

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YOUNG GUNZ lyrics : "Problemz"

[Young Chris]
We here to make sure these
^!$$%s take heat and remember

That we bout it, bout our business
Like P and da limit

Got some bout it, bout it
(*##$es that fiend for the

^!$$%s use to flee me for
Them ^!$$%s now C all up in
It hit it when i want to

No matter how u treat
How much you flee'em
You can get it when you want to

You dont have to eat'em
Jus dick'em down right
Never speak on

Never play us
You dont like

Get a flagrant for that $#&@
You hatin for that dude jus

Playin his part she datin boy

Down at them clubs

She jus had to go
Young gunnas from State
P had to show

Should of seen
The people shakin and movin

And movin and grovin
But gunna was coolin
Long as i had my tool in

Girlies was choosin
Everybody else actin foolish
Over there actin stupid

Come over here and we shootin


If you at the bar buyin drinks
Holla (whoop whoop)
V.I.P full of stinly stink say

(whoop whoop)
If you creepin with his wife
Holla (whoop whoop)

Like, like
Lets do it
If there's 23s on da whill

Holla(whoop whoop)
Young Gunnas bangin thourgh
Your speakers say (whoop whoop)

If you cheatin on your man
Holla (whoop whoop)

[Young Neef]
Dont tell'em notnin
These ^!$$%s aint bout nothin

They look here
With them fake stares
We gon get the cuttin

You know theres frontin girlies
All up in da place

Plus they probly mad (*##$es all in our
Face 4-5th on da hip
And da buddas to 8

These ^!$$%s wanna trip
Then we give these
^!$$%s a taste

Dont shoot at cars
And wont shoot from far

We chase'em and lase'em
For all the %#@! they talkin

Plus hatin, $#&@ waitin
We sendin motha$#&@ers to satin

Been takin ^!$$%s girlies for
Ages she throwin it from da
Back im grindin all on her
Hip she talkin that freak

%#@! bout how she a freak
(*##$ maybe a chewy quick

Never go to sleep
Cuz you know those chicks

Soon as you
Go to sleep
They all up in
Your grip
Catch'em in the act

And they still deny it
Might cause a riot
I been cut the
(*##$ off
She still on my dick

[Repeat Hook]

[Bridge (B Siegel)]
Its mack daddy
Young scrappy

Nah i aint rappin
Youngins get
Back at'em

[Young Chris]
Mashin through the traffic
On our way to perform

If you knew
Like i knew'em
You would try
To keep'em home
Cuz once we
Get'em its on
You wont get'em

Til da morn
We dont love'em

We jus smut'em
We hit it
And then they gon

[Young Neef]
Plus she was
All up in my
Askin bout my cases

Knew what i was charged wit

And wanted to know facin
Heard i keep it on me daily
Where ever i go
Beat the case home

Still fightin muhondo

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