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YOUNG GUNZ : Don't Keep Me Waiting (Come Back Soon) lyrics

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YOUNG GUNZ lyrics : "Don't Keep Me Waiting (Come Back Soon)"

(feat. Slim Of 112)


Fellas Grab Your Shoes
Cars And Cruise
Ladies Grab A Hand

Step In 2's
C. West, Gunnaz

Know 112 Is Rockin' This

Everybody Groovin'
They Catch n' Feel Us

Enter The Buildin'
See Everybody Choosin'
I'm Looking For Somebody

With A Body That Move It
Think For Them Women
But My Hobby Is My Music

Still I'm The Coolest
Wrist-wear Stupid
Glue It, You Know You Had It Good

When You Lose It
Don't Miss Your Train, Gotta Brain
Betta Use It

But Don't Abuse It
Only If You Knew It
You Could Stay Up In News

Take You Out The Buck
N Let You Coupe It
Late Fight

We $#&@ Until Some Cupid
No Whinin' And Dinin'
I Hit It From Behind And

S. Carter The Diamond
I Gotta Part Time It
Baby Father Home With The Kids

Couldn't Time It
She Laid Back Blusha
Rushin' For Me To Climb In

And This About The Only Time We Get
So Right After I Hit
Before Ch-ris Split

[Chorus: Slim]
I Said Don't Keep Me Waiting To Long

(Please Don't)
(Come Back Soon)
You Need Love I Need Love Too

It Was A College Drop Out

'Til A Year Out In Cali
House Of Blues
Right Out The Blue

Already Had It In My Mind
I'm Rollin' Out With You
I'm Tellin C

She The One
I'm Pickin' Out The Crew
Yeah, Nice Lil' Breezy

We Busted Up Balcony
Watchin' Kanyeezy
They Gotta ^!$$% Wheezy

Yeah, Tell The Bartender
Bring Another Round
It's Cool

We Can Go Through Our Act
We Outta Town
I'm Kinda Feelin'

That She Feelin' It Too
I'm Tryna Hit It
Tryna Figure

What She Willin' To Do
Yeah, I Mow Back A W
Room 112(112)
I Love The Way She Smell
She Say It Varcenel

We Kiss Get A Tell
Spark Up The L
That Cranberry Juice
Wit That Good Armedel
And We Can Get Into Some Lil' Activities (Oooo)

And If It's Good
You Can Come Cack And Visit Me

[Chorus: Slim]
I Said Don't Keep Me Waiting To Long

(Come Back Soon)Aahh Baby
'Cuz You Need Love
I Need Love Too


Fellas Grab Your Shoes
Cars And Cruise
Ladies Grab A Hand
(You Know Young Gunz Is Rockin' This)
Step In 2's

Ladies Grab Your L's
Call Up All Of Your Girls
Fellas Grab Your Wills
(I Need Love To)
C and Neef, 112
Come On

[Chris And Neef:]
[Neef:] Now This Goes Out
To All The Girls
Around The World(Yeah)
[Chris:] Massages, Menages
[Neef:] Them Back Stage Twirls

[Chris:] Them Bosses
Them Flosses
[Neef:] Them Diamonds
And The Pearls
[Chris:] Them Sweats
And The Track Nights
[Neef:] Them Pros

And Them Hills
[Chris:] You Gotta Use
What You Got Girl
To Get What You Want
[Neef:] Instead Of Givin' Up That $$#
Daddy Smokin' The Blunt
[Chris:] Come On And Roll

Wit A Playa
[Neef:] Get Away
From Them Chumps(Oooh Baby)
[Chris:] You Do Both
We Hit More Than Once
[Neef:] And Don't Front

[Chorus: Slim]
I Said Don't Keep Me Waiting To Long(Don't Keep Me Waiting)
(Come Back Soon)
You Need Love
I Need Love Too(Ooo)
(Aah Aa Yeah...)

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