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YOUNG GULLY : Talk 2 You ft Big Klef lyrics

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YOUNG GULLY lyrics : "Talk 2 You ft Big Klef"

I don't know what I'm doing
So many things I do and I don't know why

Opportunity hear me knocking at his door, why didn't he let me in
Grew up a John Doe, man I was a dust in the wind
In the storm with that umbrella, I got left in the wind

And that the futures... that's the essence within
I used to think that the devil was like a brother to me
That was until I felt the pain of my mother and me

I fell in love, with hugging me, he gonna get enough of them streets
Man at this whole $#&@ing world, he may held a grudge of my sleep
Trip on my shoulders, looking right in the eye of the beholder

Though we're freezing already, seems every night is getting colder
They got to me, why everybody got flowed with you
And if I don't feel it on me, why should I be appalled to you

When I got my back against the wall, ...
... what's right or wrong

$#&@ everybody, this time I ...

I try to do right, but wrong seems so easy

I think about it all the time
I don't know what I'm doing
I look up in the sky and I say oh why

So many things I do and I don't know why
I wanna talk to you Lord, yeah
I wanna talk to you

Every time I looked up in that mirror, me and him had a talk

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