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Young Goldie : Head of my Class lyrics

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Young Goldie lyrics : "Head of my Class"

Featuring: Chris Brown

Now lets get down on the flo,

peoplecall me lil micheal dancing with a comb,
heading to the top like a banner at my show,
buy my ringtone snap your picture on the phone

dat I got, u ain't getting,
fresh new kicks and swagged out wit it,

this the remix, how you like it,
I know you like my teacher but how you like my kicks

[(hook) chris brown]

Oh oh I'm the head of my class, oh oh I know you heard what I said ay,

oh oh I'm the head of my class yeah, head of my class yeah......
head of my class ay,
oh and I don't need a hall pass ay, oh oh I'ma hit the gas ay,

oh oh iknow u heard what I said ay, oh oh I'm the head of my class,
head of my class, head of my class.

[(verse) younggoldie]

Now younggoldie went up the hill,

his father name was butty so they added me the lil,
earn my respect and I'm bout to hit the mall,
get my money long.... let me show u how to ball

I'm bout to blow up like I flew and was a rocket,
money keep atracting leaping gaining in my pocket,

pull it back and burst it like a gun act tough stop
swagger jacking take my style and get bucks...

[(hook) chris brown]
ooooooooooo yeah yeah yae oo oh oo oh oo oh ooooo
I'm the head of my class yeah,

head of my class yeah head of my class ay
oh oh I'm the head of my classss yalllllllll ay awww halll,
ay ay

[(verse) chris brown]

Look its your boy nineteen driving something european,
I'm intering and stacks, I'm rocking d and g's
my anytime breeze cool, any time I breeze through,

any hard way getting goldie out the classroom,
teacher looking fine I think I might holler,
goldie getting straight ays when I hit em wit them dollars,

jimmy two wit the pradas, they come in all sets,
I'ma see if she set when she see what's on my neck like...............

oh oh I'm the head of my class ay, oh oh I'm the head of my class,
oh oh I know u heard what I said.... yeah. ....

yeah.... oh oh oh.........oh ay

[verse] I been the head of my class since fist grade,

wear fresh gear nikes and knew jays,
grades start to slip went up like flue blaze,
jays on my feet I called them hue blaze,

gotta be swagged out just to be cool,
the girls chase me every day afterschool cause my grades not fading yet,
my grades not raded yet and elmo so clean distry people wanna take baths

[(hook) chris brown]

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