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YOUNG GATT : When I Close My Eyes lyrics

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YOUNG GATT lyrics : "When I Close My Eyes"

[Verse 1:]

U kno

Lie awake at night
N I think bout my life
I realise some things ain't gonna change

Whether I live a wrong or right, it don't matta
All my life, all my days
Seems like, all we ever felt was pain

Never had %#@!
Was mad at my mom n dad
So I, did bad %#@!

Remember times, in the hall in the county
Thot I lost it all
Had no love around me

Thugged out with tatoos all over
Told myself $#&@ everybody else
I'm a soldier

Time goes on
Everybody grows
And that's how it goes

In the end, without no family
You Probably die alone
Or end up in the pin grown

Insanity turnin into reality
Your best friend turnin into your enemy
How can this be?

Lost everything I had
Went from good to bad
I'm in the hood

Most of the time I'm sad
So I can't smile
And they wonder why I'm so crazy now

Some hate me now
Sometimes I feel like I wanna die
Tears from my eyes when I hear my mamma cry

Mom, I sad some things that've hurt you
But deep down inside, you know I love you
But it's hard, I didn't make it far in skool

This thug livin got me swimmin in a whirlpool
Dreaming, sleep walking
Talkin bout life try'na search for the meanin

Nobody but god can explain this pain
If I close my eyes forever will it be the same?

Days go by
Wonder why

This pain inside never goes away
When I close my eyes
I hope the skies never change

But still will it always be the same?
[Verse 2:]
Growin up, I wasn't alone

Had two older brothers
My steppin stones
And when times got rough

My moms did everythin she could
Just to make it good for us
Remember, came to Cali

From a bus from New Orleans
Didn't have much all I had was dreams
Corduroy jeans wore to skool bout twice a week

Hard rice to eat
No socks on my feet Sometimes,
50 cents at lunchtime

But nobody touches mine
Was blind to the rules
Didn't kno bout cicities

Now I get old
My friends call me YG
We ran with the gang all we did was fight

Was small, so we carried guns at night
Got sent to the hall
Did about six months
Came back out hitted up a blunt
Now I'm drinkin on OE

Kickin with with big OG's
All the hoes know me
The police got their eyes on me
And the fools, from the other side
Despise me

Why me?
I guess I'm comin up now
Before I didn't speak english
Didn't give a $#&@ now
But now, I know this game

I can know my own name
My boy Saka with the whole game
Pure like cocaine
No more tears
But I can still feel my pain

Migraine headaches
Thinkin about my death date
Should I try to change
Before it's too late
Get out the gang
That's what my mamma tells me

Too much drama in your life's not healthy
So god help me
I wanna change
But if I close my eyes forever
Will it be the same?


Days go by
Wonder why
This pain inside never goes away
When I close my eyes
I hope the skies never change
But still will it always be the same?

[Verse 3:]
I'll be there by your side
When the sun rise
And I'll be there with you
After you die
That's what god tells me
Day in and day out

So I'm thinkin
Maybe there's a way out
These daily madness
It takes a bottle of hennessy
Just to relieve my sadness
Last year, my older brother came out the pen
This year, my other brother went in

Seems like there's no end
To this life sin
Mixed up bad
Like dust and wind
Wish I had another chance to go to skool
They thot I was outnumbered

But I'm a show them fools
Them hater hoes
I know they get mad
When they see me mash'n
Like potatoes
Okay though
It's all gravy though
Don't $#&@ with no shady hoe
Just pay me dough
And I'll say
See ya later hoe
Cus if you soft for a (*##$
She'll break you
Take your heart
And cut it for what she gave you
So peep game
If hate don't kill you then love will
I've been above that hill
Too much stress
Can make a man go insane
I stand in the middle
Hoping I can maintain
I can't be held responsible
For my reactions
Physco passion
Pumpin in my heart
And start takin lives
Holding court in the streets
Cus they never takin me alive
Tell me can you fell my pain?
I wanna close my eyes forever
But will it all be the same?

[Chorus: x2]
Days go by
Wonder why
This pain inside nevergoes away
When I close my eyes
I hope the skies never change
But still will it always be the same?

(When I close my eyes)

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