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YOUNG GATT : Miss You Dearly lyrics

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YOUNG GATT lyrics : "Miss You Dearly"

[Verse 1:]
I feel like I lost my all it's you
Why can't I find

Are you completely gone or am I just blind
Is there a chance for us to exist
Or is it over left only to be missed

I'm asking myself questions
Man, I'm stuck like trafic conjustion
Damn, two different places but the same world

Not the one to understand some girls but understand her
In my dark nights you came to me
To good to be true like a movie

My heart feel for a stranger
They say love is pain I guess this is what the pain does
You make me feel like hard times in the thang

I wanan be your sunshine in the rain
Baby girl I miss you dearly sincerly I don't care if the whole world can hear me

If you love something let it go
And if it comes back to you

Let it grow
Baby girl I miss you everyday that goes by
Oh ohh I

Baby girl I wish I never let you go
Ohh ohh
[Verse 2:]

If you love someone, let them go
And if they come back to you then you know
That it's meant to be physically and meantally

Do you believe we can be together from destiny

I'm here without you and I dream about you all the time

Can't lie the thought of you makes me cold inside
I can be your shoulder to cry on
Girl don't cry no more

I wanna be right there by your side though
Look to the stars that's the map
For your love I will travel as far as I rap

If you are the ocean I'll be the sea
If your hungry for love
Won't you be hungry for me

Let me know where you are I'm on my way to my car
We can ride 'til the morning touch the brightest stars


[Verse 3:]

I miss you dearly
I shouldn't have let you go
I wish you was here in the valley so

You and I can ride away
Find a way I ride a day
Take me out of this wild life

What do you feel
Do you think a thug's love is real
I know you've been hurt in the pass

If I'm not the first can I be the last
Person to ask
Come share my love I need companionship

Someone to stand with
Understand the 10 commandmenth
No abandentment

Slow dance with, hold hands with
One beyond this daylight it's like jay z and beyonce

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