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YOUNG FRO lyrics : "Mic Check"

You man are a tragedy, like Juliet & Romeo,
Puppets on a string, so I play you like Pinocchio,

Everybody in the road will know,
I got good bars, I ain't talking crunchies or toblerones,
Arctic rivers, I'm always flowing cold,

You want horseplay, I'ma bring the rodeo,
Sending rappers down the long and lonely road,
I strike a chord, like spinal Polio,

Wack rappers getting overthrown,
I'm a monster on the scene, Godzilla with Tokyo,
If spitting rhymes was a crime,

They'd try to put me in a cell, like chromosomes,
Check all through my portfolio,
My vocal tone, spat fast or spoken slow,

Rhythm be lifting your body up like the holy ghost,
I'm not watching man, I own the throne,

We got the whole track burning up,
If you hear it in your stereo, turn it up,

Hip hop's back, it's the return of us,
Keep your body moving 'til the verse is done,

I'm a boss, Hugo, so give me kudos,
Bars bigger than sumos, take you down like Judo,
Let's see what's on the cards, uno,

I'm taking the Mickey out you dogs, Pluto,
They falling apart like Nicks Yugo,
But I'm not losing my value, no euro,

My new flow so puzzling, Su Doku,
It leaves a bait man crying like a baby, Juno,
You know, I got you seeing the light, Photosynthesis,

Beat knocking harder than Jehova's witnesses,
Young Fro, the sickest kid, coldest lyricist,
Sicker than crippled children swallowing cinnamon,

Girls call me sugar sweet, pass over the Insulin,
My words are heard even when nobody's listening,
Like the Mythic Dawn, I send your soul to Oblivion,

So watch this space like astrophysicists,

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