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YOUNG DWOWNY : Aint I Remix lyrics

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YOUNG DWOWNY lyrics : "Aint I Remix"

Aint I beast? Dwowny $#&@in tear it up
I'm talkin bout the beat, and I'm talkin bout the cunt
Always smokin reef, my (*##$ rollin up a blunt

And my whole team go hard, thats the way that we stunt
When I'm on the beat i got this whole croud jumpin
Besides the haters in the back, chillin, mean muggin

gun in your pocket, homie that dont mean nothin
cuz your #[email protected] $$# is scared, and you just straight up frontin
i'd rather find a (*##$ so she can blow my pistol

later on, found 2, grindin in the middle
now i gotta take off jus like a missle,
and when this beat drops homie, I sound crystal

Clear, I come in peace please never fear
I'm just tryin to start the party pass me a beer
When you chill wit D and B you'll never wanna veer

Into another direction, I'm in another dimension
Man this life is crazy, jus thought I should mention
But homie, why me, I keep repeatin the question

Even though it's %#@!ty, I still be doin my best man
Always do my best, I will never give less

Verse 2

East Side Young Dwown

Chillin on that East 1st, G-Stone is the $#&@in town
Dwowny rock da' $#&@in crown, ya thats right I'm runnin %#@!
Switch it up alot, cuz thats the way i $#&@in spit

I'm fresh, I'm clean, I'm so damn classic
See a (*##$ that I like, damn right I'm smashin
When we in flight cruise control no crashin

Straght from the heart bra, this %#@! pure passion
To get to the top, that's all I'm askin
Matter fact I'm takin, you'll see it, I'l make it

Kickin' in the crib wit your (*##$ butt naked
When I get outta bed, we gone be wakin' and bakin'
Quarter back shotgun, sorta like Peyton

DB special to the face no fakin'
Money I'm makin and on this beat im rapin
Watch me spit fire homie jus like satan

No im not the devil just on a different level
Cruisin in that classic AMC Rambler Rebel
Pedal to the metal damn right I'm $#&@in gone

This beat brings the house down like King Kong

Verse 3

All up in your (*##$, like some mother $#&@in Tampax
Have her climbin up the wall, screamin, hear her back crack

These fake $$# G's whack, so empty all these wracks
N line em up single file, and bust all these caps
I'm goin on a killin spree, since you frontin on me

Never ever exceptin apology's, especially
If you not my homie, you'll be takin one to the dome piece
Have you dancin round my bullets like the $#&@in Hoky Poky

Rollin up some smokie, my green aint no joke B
After a couple hits, you'll be on the ground chokin
Gaspin for breath holdin your chest like a heart attack

After that, they know it's good %#@! for a fact
If they askin for a witness than I'm pleadin the fifth
Cuz unlike you bra, I aint ever a snitch

Never a (*##$, mother $#&@ers, get a good grip
On reality, cuz murder is a tragedy undoubtedly
You'll get murked if you squeal, homy how you feel?

To know that you slipped up, banana peel
This is the deal, if you real than you real
But if you fake, than it's your life I'm gonna take

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