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YOUNG DUECE : The Growth lyrics

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YOUNG DUECE lyrics : "The Growth"

Verse 1 (Flow)

What I rep? 6S

..No, I'm not coming in yet.

Sitting here alone, trying to catch this feeling that I'm feeling
while these women steady hitting up my phone,
I'm using it to write, I"m using it for life because sh*t be getting hard

and you don't listen when I talk, so I spit it to the mic,
Then I play it back like it's my only track, run it back another time
let me memorize the lines, thinking in my mind

"Should I find another rhyme?"
Then again, they call me Flow, so just leave it like that,
Can't erase the past,

Lo que paso paso, I know, even when it's bad,
What you about to do?
We can't sit around now bro, we gotta move,

gotta grow, gotta choose, our own paths,
Reach far for the stars, and try to grab,
Gone and let them laugh, and smile back,

and tell them "Watch this hoe. I'ma get offcial."
Then before you know, you're wondering "where my chick go",
See my ride by, and we're looking so slick (woah)

I ain't trying to stunt, really want to play a big role,
Trying to be rewarded for extraordinary sh*t yo,
Feeling we should get more out, because we put in hella,

Know they used to hate so yeah, they should get jealous,
Don't want to make it rain, would rather lift umbrellas G,
I work hard for my celery,

And I.. I.. don't want to be, a celebrity,
No.. I.. I.. don't want to be, a celebrity,

No.. uh..
So just give me the fortune.. and..
And you can keep the fame.. because..

It ain't the same.. I don't need to be.. no


No.. No.. Don't want to be..
I.. I.. I.. Don't..

Don't need to be..
No.. No.. No.. No..
Don't gotta be, no celebrity..

I don't.. but.. watch me grow

Verse 2 (PJ)

I know you're like "Damn, who is this group?"
I want the fortune and some fame, and a Benz coupe,

We're gonna ride it 'til the wheels fall off,
We're growing? Damn.. look at the way that sh*t bloom,
I'm creating the best, you're creating the worst,

Candy color coordinated, watch a star burst,
Your girl loves, I know, I love it too,
I'm about growth, what a grown man does,

Wasup? Throw the deuce sign,
We give peace to the World with these [Young] Duece rhymes,
I'm taking over, getting smarter, making pathways,

Because you only live once, never know your last day,
That's what I stand by, I advise you to get near it,
People on that mess? My opinion, you should clear it.

And I don't need to be a celebrity,
I'll take the paper, success is my melody,


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