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YOUNG DUECE : Stupid Fresh lyrics

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YOUNG DUECE lyrics : "Stupid Fresh"


Music, stupid, fresh (3x) Yes,

And I ain't even no 80s baby,
(My music's stupid fresh)..
Music, stupid, fresh (2x) Yes,

And I ain't even no 80s baby,

Verse 1 (Kidd Flow)

Uh, the sh*t I am,
She said "turn it up baby, this my jam",

Homie said, "What up blood?"
I'm like, "What up cuz?",
Like reppin' sets, but this my fam,

Does it look like I have time to fight?
I'm tryna blow like wind, when flying kites,
She likes the way I handle bars like riding bikes,

Coconut juice, get loose like Tyga, I
want that diamond life so I'ma go get it,
Young sir got words to heat your whole kitchen,

When I speak, believe their gonna listen,
And if not, this hot beat's gonna get em,
Music, stupid, fresh,

Yes it is the coolest yet,
We be foolin',
If you're losin' then them dudes the two to bet, on


Verse 2 (PJ)

Music, stupid, fresh,

Dressed, Yes I'm stupid fresh,
Impressed, by the best,
Representing 6S,

Shawty want it,
I told her "I got it",
She said truth, I told her "I'm the hottest",

I'm on fire, feeling flame,
Took her back to where she came,
80s baby, 80s crazy,

Game on her, something hazy,
Baby I'm just overreacting,
Hit third base, yeah I'm crackin',

Yeah I'm mackin', chips I'm stackin',
Man what's happenin'?
I'm just actin' like a fool,

Ralphed up deuce, I'm killin',
Sportin' my fresh new kicks, I'm illin',


Verse 3

I know what you want,

And I know what you like,
I know what you love,
I'll give it to you tonight,

Just open your ears,
And lose control of your mind,
And we gonna party like it '85,

We gonna party til the lights off,

Party til the sun's up,
Party til the lights on,
And you can't get enough,


You see how me, and P get down,
You love our style,

You see it now


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