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YOUNG DUECE : I Like That lyrics

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YOUNG DUECE lyrics : "I Like That"

Hook (2x)
Hey girl I know you know I'm here, By the way that you stare,
And I Like That,

Hey girl you know you blow my mind, Cause you one of a kind,
And I like that,

Verse 1 (Kidd Flow)
I hop in and the club is rockin', Everybody show me love so the club is poppin',
Some hate me cause they see the drop Benz,

Whip crazy so they see and stop and look,
(Look) The ladies wave I wave back, Cuttin' thru lines they in the way back,
Show up dudes better hold your dame back,

I told you I make it rain like May back (Look),
But hey mami I'm tryna get you, Find me and dame I'm tryna get thru,
Dudes try to jock me mami it's true, But ain't nobody got this body it's you,

And just think 'bout how it could be, You and me that's how it should be,
And ain't nobody got as much game as me plus it's plain to see who you came to see,

Hook (2x)

Verse 2 (PJ)

I'm so clean when you see me step up in the scene,
Never seen nothin' like this before when YD walk right thru them doors,
But of course you seen me before I been rappin' since the age of 4,

Babygirl asked questions, gave her more info 'bout me so we get close,
Girl was fine should've saw my face, The girl was lyin' when she saw my place,
The girl is crazy, Oh I like,

Hop in the whip and let's take a ride,
Thru the night, see what's real,
Oh one of a kind see how you feel,

Let off your mine I see them chills,
Let me know girl cause what's the deal,

Hook (2x)

Verse 3

(PJ) Yes, We spendin' time it's late but ok we still alive,
Dancin', Playin' thru the night,
It's me and you let's view the sky,

Don't know why you bein shy, Maybe cause my style is so nice,
Sorry baby I don't wanna brag, Maybe baby I got it like that,

(KF) Yea, come on girl and ride with me, Cause you could have the time of your life with me,
Cause with The Kidd C it don't got no better,
Dudes talk big but don't get no cheddar,

But see me, I'm slightly different, VIP is where I might be chillin,
So what's up tell me what's the deal 4real, Cause I can see you want me,
*Hook* (x4)

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