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YOUNG DUECE : Bring It Back lyrics

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YOUNG DUECE lyrics : "Bring It Back"

It's like this yall, It's like that yall,
Tell the DJ to bring it right back yall, (2x)

Make them hands rise,
Raise them high to the sky, (2x)

Verse 1 (Flow)

Aww man, here we go again,

Young men with a style older than them?
If you can't rock, that don't mean it ain't hot,
Tryna get cool? Light it up to the same bop,

Trust and believe me, our beats be the dopest
So well blended, said we don't focus in on one sound,
Wow, ask Maury,

I am not the father of the norm, so I'm sorry,
I ain't tryna rap about Dom Perignon,
If you don't like my form, call me Shawn Marion,

Let them debate while I shoot my J,
And my team gets the rings from the way we play,
Every day we pray while tryna make our way,

Every day we wait, is every day we waste,
So we gotta get out and get somethin',
Gone get your back off the wall and quit frontin'...


Verse 2 (PJ)
Uh... here we go again,
A lot of artists leaving cause we keep going in,

The concept of this is pad and pen,
Use your brain and think, notepad it again... yup,
You're the realist? Thanks

I'ma do the best that I can,
I'ma always put (on) for my team, 6S, we win,
More knowledge you have, less stress you're in,

But that ain't always true,
Got a style so old, but it's always new,
Just face (it) I'm pretty good now, and that I do,

If you don't like what you see, recheck your view... on things,
I'm hotter than all lames in Summer time,
Tell the DJ "bring it back" like the Summer time,

Oh she fine, number time,
And I'ma get mine,
And give her peace when she wants mind,

... and tell them "smarten up"... Yeayaa


If you're vibin' tonight then go ahead and put your hands up,
I know that you like it, don't deny it girl

I know you're feelin' alright (2x)
Cause YD is in the house tonight (2x)


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