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YOUNG DRO : Man In The Trunk lyrics

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YOUNG DRO lyrics : "Man In The Trunk"

Jackie Chan... That Jackie Chan... The $#&@ is Jackie Chan
Tell 'em bout that Jackie Chan man (what).. $#&@ is Jackie Chan

[Young Dro]
Now son for real Trey back up off me son...

You don't even know my style dunn


Dro... Tell 'em bout that Jackie Chan tho ^!$$%... Nitti Beats...
The $#&@ is Jackie Chan ^!$$%... Let 'em know

[Chorus (Young Dro):]
Young Dro I ain't playing with it (playing with it)
Trunk got that Jackie Chan in it (Jackie Chan in it)

Sound like it got a band in it (got a band in it)
I'm the freshest in the Lamb' with it (in the Lamb' with it)
Y'all ^!$$%s fugazzing it (fugazzing it)

Diamonds look like koolaid in it (like koolaid in it)
Different flavor Cartier with it (Cartier with it)
Big bank (*##$ play with it ((*##$ play with it)

[Verse 1]
I ain't playing.. IHOP blue Cutlass

24 inches... IHOP blue buttons
4-4 in my hand with a snipe I'm armed Russian
Dro you from ATL ^!$$% how you talk Russian?

Slugs start to busting and my ammo got that serial
Catch a ^!$$% slipping hit him in the equilibrium
SS Impala... shawty I'm daring 'em

Cartiers and Prada... shawty I'm killing 'em
Look at my chain and my ice look triple blue
You're popping these ^!$$% I'mma bring the triple through

And (*##$es be up on the block like "I'm sick of you"
And I'm like "(*##$ please I'm dicking you"
The 'vert Flipper blue the chirp bigger too

Hey picked out for a Bentley she a mini blue
Dropped in with a (*##$ named Missy Pooh
Trunk bang and this the only thing she listen to Dro


[Verse 2]
Hey move through y'all tryna see how to do y'all
Chevy too tall I see a forehead and that's all

Two tone plus I'm on purple my yay's ???
My (*##$es bring blocks only thing I do is chirp 'em
Drop twerk 'em ostrich on my Chevy car interior

Plus I'm on that Remy so that %#@! make me imperial
Riding down ?? no damage I'm serious
Plus I won't let a ^!$$% have it I'm delirious

I'mma blast period don't question me don't mess with me
Blue ice bue arm Superman recipe
Plus I'm in that brown Regal same color Nestle

^!$$%s see me when I'm in the trey I be in tressa trees
Take the wrong step to me and death'll be yo destiny
I know how to do it so ain't nobody arresting me

Polo I be dressing in man I be damaging
That fresh hoes be like "damn that's a mannequin" Dro


[Verse 3]

Hey summer time (summer time) look at my charm (look at my charm)
I'm iced out baby how can I be warm?
Watermelon Nova my trunk on Vietnam

TV's in the horn watching Tip on VH-1
26's son with a robocop gun
I'll blast a ^!$$% from the ground to the sun

The sound of the gun that's when Young Dro chalking it
Grape linen grape gator fruit fruit walking it
Know a ^!$$% bossing it don't make me start chalking it

I know how to shine cause my arm be on frostbit
Done son no %#@! my rides look like a parrot do
Know a ^!$$% healthy cause my Cutlass look like carrot juice

Catch me when I'm mashing through I'm froze up I'm rolled up
Young Dro yeah but I am [email protected]#$ Dro'ed up
Bout to put them doors up and crank that damn rose up
4:15 I'm bout to wake these damn hoes up Dro


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