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YOUNG DRO : Getting Rich lyrics

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YOUNG DRO lyrics : "Getting Rich"

Like That ^!$$%
Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh

Uh Huh Uh Huh Uh Huh

[Chorus x2:]

We Gettin Rich ^!$$%
We Gettin Rich ^!$$%
They Like This ^!$$%

(Uh Huh Uh Huh We Gettin Rich Uh Huh Uh Huh)
We Gettin Rich ^!$$%
We Gettin Rich ^!$$%

They Like This ^!$$%


Rapper Snapper Cali-Coast Packer, Over Seas Map Chevy Pint Right-After(?)
Oh Mighty God Im A Trappa, Ridin In This Waffle House Chargin Cardie Master
Zoom Three [email protected]&!s, I Can Get Them Ghost Like Casper

Fat Bank-Roll Like Jasper, 25 Keys' In Nebraska Lord Please Make It All Freeze I Believe In Disaster
Jesus Is After, Self-Preservation Is First, Tell Kids Education Is First
Sellin Dope Is Only Makin Is Worst ^!$$%s Play Wit Da Work, Get Shot Then Lay In A Hurst, Pray And Divert

God Can Ya Hear Me In Da Hemi, Fully Auto Semi And A 50 Bottle Remy

Ridin Down Deihl On Skinnies, Sittin On 26 Inches In My Fruit Punch Linen, Due Punch Spinnin
Imma Keep Trappin And Trappin Until I Make It In This [email protected]%& Rappin
Imma Tell Em All How It Happened, Sommerhill To Killemer Court, With No [email protected]%& Cap In, Dro


Twenty-Five Grand On The Wrist, If I Was A ^!$$% Yall (*##$es Would Be On My Dick
Chocolate Covered Pumps From Berlin Yeah Sunshine Take Trips, You Like How Them Seven Jeans Grip My Hips, Im Lookin All Sassy When I Like My Lips When I See These Tricks

My Pockets Stay Fat With A Grip Carrots Stay Flashin I Look Then I Pose With A Tip
Yall Cant Do It Like Me Im Fly, Gotta Drop The Top Like Whenever I Ride
I Get By With My Homie On The Side X-T-A-C-I- No Lie

Young Dro, Big Bro Yeah We Get Dough
100 Yard Dash Fake ^!$$%s Got To Go
Only Real (*##$es Feel Me At The Show Fiendin For That X And Imma Give'em A Lil More(Uhhh Huuuhhh)We Gettin Rich ^!$$% If Ya Wanna Holla Then U Gotta Be The %#@! ^!$$%, $#&@ It Tho They Haul It Overseas, I Told Yall Punk Hoes Better Get Like Me ^!$$%


You Dont Wanna Try Me Its The Principle I Am So Difficult, My Life Is Irresistable, They Judge Me In Municiple, State Court Lawyers Make Dros Case Fixable, A Million Doallas Every Year, Grand Hustle Richable, Benz Coupe Sixable, Lotta Models Are Kissable, Diamonds Are Wristable, The Finger On My Wrist Is Blue Im The Only ^!$$% That A Bunch Of People Listen Too, Tell Me That Im Lyrical, I Promise That My Miracle Spiritual, Even Though My Conditions Are Critical, Double Length Scereble, By God Man Im Hearable, Lord I Am Fearable, Im Hard But Im Terrible, Ss Impala Ride Out Veerable Wood Grain Steering Wheel, The Punch Trunk Is Teer Blue, Pop Krystal Like Ya ^!$$%s Pop Ya Beer To, Shots To Ya Crib Queer And Aint Nobody Hearin You, Young Dro, Fairy Hoe ^!$$% We Aint Fearin You.

(Yo, See U Know We Gettin Rich Anyway ^!$$% So You Better Sit Back And Watch This %#@!, Young Dro , Ya, You See Me On The Block You See Me Walkin The Blocks Aye , We Gettin Rich ^!$$%!)


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