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YOUNG DRO : Check Out My Swag lyrics

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YOUNG DRO lyrics : "Check Out My Swag"

check out my swag
yeah b---h i got swag

i met a .. body
chicken wing shorty
right to the hood people bring ..

she fall .. couple ..
i am all about it
out of to the mall

p--s the niger's face in the drizzle
yeah i am that key getting money for the ?
it's my name at your mother f----r ease out

real what is real i am mother f----r ?


you better check out my swag
check out my swag
you better look at my swag

my swag (repeats)

i got a ..tramp from swifts
b---h i am on the hood with my hands on the kids ..
pocket full of spinach .. for me, are you?

..shorty knows what's hanging ?
i've be international
famous .. i've be into action


i'll show you how to say
hard being ?all being made
..b---h i got swag .. in front of you


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